Why You Should Not Force Your Religion On Others

Why You Should Not Force Your Religion On Others

Ever wonder why some people believe their spiritual or religious belief is the only way to God and try to force it on us? It is simply because they believe in what they believe so much. What they forget is that what we believe can only true for ourselves. When we love, will we do that?

Just discredit other religion or spiritual paths anyway? It is people who don’t have any real firsthand spiritual experience on the hereafter who tend to judge and treat other religion as invalid. What they don’t understand is that, all religion or paths to God exist for a reason. Otherwise, why would God let it exist in the first place?

When someone says what he or she believes is the only way, than they are certainly on the path of self righteousness. The truth about self righteousness is that, not many people realize it is really vanity in action. It is the ego defending what it believes to be true.

If truth is what we believe it is than why are we not having the truth now? In another word, why haven’t we realized the truth? Or why are we not seeing or experiencing the truth? The answer is simply because, the truth we believe to be true is only “the truth of a belief” not the truth itself.

People are so defending what they belief rather than focusing their attention looking for the way to actually experience the truth (God). I think this is the flaw with most people. Yet, can we blame them? No. They are doing that because they only know that much. It takes more experience in life to come out of it.

Each path to God is as valid as your own path to God. Think about this: if you want to travel to America from somewhere in South East Asia, you can take any means of travel. You can walk to America through other countries, or you can fly direct from your country, or you can buy a boat and travel by way of the ocean.

Just because you are traveling by a certain road and transportation it doesn’t make other ways of traveling or transportation invalid. All method of approach is as valid as your own method. The difference may only be in how long it takes or how rough the journey will be.

Each paths has its own pro and cons to it. These different paths fit perfectly to the consciousness of people who are suitable to it. There are rich, there are poor. There are those who love life and there are those hates life. Each can only afford to travel by means they are capable of. When they are ready the can always change their methods.

All this comes down to one thing. We should not try to change anyone’s belief. Each exist at the level they are now to learn something. Otherwise they will not be at that level. Once these lessons are learned they are bound to change and move on to higher level. It is at this time they usually change their belief systems. It is because they are ready.

If you have had experienced at least some amount of truth in your own life, you will know how to treat others. Do you treat them with love or do you bother them? Some of you saviors may believe you are born to save others. Do you think love is changing others or accepting others for what they are and letting them grow at the pace they are comfortable with? So the next time you think of telling people about what you believe is right is the only righteous thing, think about love. Will love do that? If you love, you will not bother other people.

When we love, we don’t force our religion on others. When we love we don’t tell others what to do. When we love, we simply love. When we love, we just accept them. When we love, we honor and respect the sanctity of other people’s belief system. Are you doing these? If you are than you are certainly on the correct path.

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