Why Do We Get Angry

Why Do We Get Angry

When one gets angry it is common to lash out hot words. Sometimes these hot words can lead to violence resulting in murder.

Whatever the theorists says about anger, from my own reflection and understanding, anger is caused by one’s lack of understanding and love. If you have the capacity to understand others and love others, you won’t get angry.

Lack of understanding means inability to see other people’s point of view. If you can see why people behave or do things the way they do, you will be more tolerant and able to control your anger.

In a dispute for example, both sides can be partly right and partly wrong. The real cause of dispute is because both parties believe they are absolutely right and the other side is absolutely wrong.

If that is true, there could be no dispute unless one or both parties were mentally unsound. There can never be anyone absolutely right. What is right for us may not be right for others and this where we need to find a common ground to resolve the issue at hand.

The problem with finding a solution for a dispute is often because one or both parties involved is not willing to accept what can be beneficial for both sides. In deeper viewpoint, this is actually vanity in action.

It is this vanity people carry in them that causes the anger. If you have love, will you get angry? So it is because one lacks the ability to love others that causes anger and in truth, to love others means to accept others for what and who they are.

If each one of us learns to put ourselves in the offending person’s shoe, we can be more understanding. The problem is we are too quick to react instead of listening and thinking about what is being said to us.

Your ability to control your anger shows your level maturity. The less mature you are, the more likely you are to resort to verbal excretions out of anger. What good can anger bring you? Nothing!

Some people say it is alright to get angry. Most people use anger as a form of self defense. The truth is self defense has nothing to do with anger. If you are in a position where your life is threatened, by all means defend it but do it without anger.

Anger is the result of lack of self control. When you loose self control, it means you have lost your rationality. You may have noticed how irrational people behave. They are often the cause of problems for other people.

It may not possible for you to live life without ever getting angry, but you can do your best to control yourself and live without it as much as possible. Don’t get angry.

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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