Whom Do We Believe In Life ?

Whom Do We Believe In Life ?

The truth is no matter who you believe you have in life, you are always alone. Nothing belongs to you. In the end you will discover you came here alone and you are going to leave this world alone.

All the relationships or stuffs you have gained are only temporary. No one or nothing can be trusted. These people or things are constantly changing. You will never know how people or things will change in time.

Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have something wonderful that will never ever leave you. Yes, you have your self for yourself. So if you ever feel alone or lonely, remember, you have yourself.

Wherever you are in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you realize that everything in this world is unreliable. The only one you can truly rely on is your own self. When you know this, you will become self dependent.

Of course life is about coexistence. We exist with others around us. We need others to survive too, but we cannot be dependent on them. We just live in harmony to avoid conflicts, but deep inside, we look for ways to get out of this unreliable world to something permanent.

Each one of us will pass through this level of life experiences and when it happens, a seeker is born. This soul is now ready to take the next step in finding what is really worth all the efforts and struggles in life – the love of God.

That is the only thing which is stable, permanent and fully reliable. When you have it, you have everything. This is the purpose of life experiences – to find God’s love within us. So seek out and find out God’s love and help others to find it too and when that soul realize it, you know you can trust that soul.

This is how we find someone whom we can truly trust. They are the shining one, those who has the love of God in their life. They live the life of love. They are the true lovers of life. These are the only people, who are worthy of loving for all else will always turn their back on you until they too become a lover of life.

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