What Determines Our Life Circumstances?

What Determines Our Life Circumstances?

In my previous article on finding opportunity, I asked if we create opportunities or wait for opportunities. In this article we will take a look at the phrase ‘to create’ and the postulates we carry in our mind and how they affect our life.

What does to create means? It means doing the activity of creating or being in creative activity. Do you know that we are constantly participating in the process of creating something?

When you are working in the office, for example, even though the work you are doing might be for your boss, your boss is actually creating something he wants through you. Creations are taking place everywhere.

The whole life is a dynamic process of creation and you are a participant in it. The better word would be you are a co-creator of creation; you are in the act of creating something now.

Even though you might believe that you are not creating the life you want, you are actually creating your life circumstances unknowingly through the postulates you carry in your mind.

Postulates are certain statements which we believe to be true; usually something we assume and accept without proof. The statement, ‘we are fated to be like this’ for example, is based on poor understanding of the law of action and reactions or cause and effect. It is a negative postulate.

These types of postulates are usually carried by the poor people. Understanding how these negative beliefs controls us is very important because they determine how we think and the type of actions we will be taking in our life.

If you believe that you have no control in life, you will live a life as though you are a victim of circumstances, but if you believe otherwise, you will take charge of your life and do the necessary to create whatever outcome you seek.

If we realize that it has always been what we believed to be true that has been causing our life circumstances, we can change our life by changing those beliefs. We will than realize that no one is actually a victim of fate for fate itself is self made circumstances due to our past actions.

If you have been wondering why some people are successful and you are not although you have the same capacity as they do, it is because they do not carry self limiting or negative beliefs. Successful people create their life circumstances by following positive beliefs.

The aim of this article is to let you think on the kind of statements or postulates you are carrying in your mind. Analyze and research on the validity of such beliefs; are they true? Remember, it is because of the considerations we believe to be true; we are they way we are today.

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