Use Your Commonsense To Solve Your Problems

Use Your Commonsense To Solve Your Problems

The suffering or sadness we are going through in life has a purpose. Why do we suffer anyway? It is there to teach us a valuable lesson we need in life. Usually the lesson is about balancing our own emotional state. This emotional balance is the most vital part before some spiritual truths are revealed to us.

Some people tend to think their problem is the worst kind in the world but if we look at it closely, there are people out there who are in much more worst situation in life. That is why we need to count our blessings. Just take a look at some community living in poverty in the third world country and compare their lifestyle with yours.

In fact, we don’t have to go that far. Just take a walk outside of your home to the streets. I am sure you will find some homeless people. Some of them don’t even get a chance to eat good food as you do. Although you might be in poverty, at least you have good clothings and a place to stay. Do you think your situation is worst than theirs? Use your commonsense and count your blessings.

All of our problems are blessings in disguise. There is a short story titled ‘The Verger’ written by Somerset Maugham. It illustrate well how a problem can be a blessings. The story is about a man who was employed as a verger in England. Do you know what a verger does in a church? He is more or less like a caretaker of the church building.

In the story, one day the pastor of the church passed an order that all employees of the church must become literate and those who were not must become so by a certain date. When the dateline arrived, the pastor sent for the man working as the verger and asked him if he had become literate. When he answered no, he was immediately terminated after paying him all his dues and the balance to his provident funds account.

Going through the crucial days in his life, the man wanted to get a cigarette but he could not find a tobacconist booth nearby. This predicament made him to think; surely he was not the only one who was so badly in need of a cigarette. Using some of his savings, he set up a tobacconist booth. Soon, he had a chain of tobacconist booths at strategic location all over London.

The man was illiterate but using his commonsense he was able to solve his immediate problem and became rich. What many of us fail to realize in finding the solution to their problem is that the solution is already in front of them. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what to do. You already know through your commonsense what the solution is. The problem is people don’t trust their commonsense. They tend to look for some kind unusual solutions. They think their problems can only be solved by different means.

If you learn to use your commonsense wisely, you surely can find better solutions to your problems instead of waiting for a miracle solutions. In fact, your ability to use your commonsense to navigate your life to success determines your level of mental maturity and you don’t have to have a Phd for that. So take a sit and think for awhile, what can solve your problem now? Are you jobless? Are you having relationship problems? What does your commonsense tells you?

We all know what is right and what is wrong (although sometimes what we think right may not be right). Just do what you think and feel right. The point is you are doing something and when you do something you are allowing yourself to experience something in life and this is the important part of being down here on earth: to experience life. Each experience will give us something to learn and when we learn it, we move on. Your situation is there to teach you somethings and assist you to become a mature soul. So don’t feel bad about your situation.

A spiritual master once said, “no problem is so great that it cannot be undone”. What does this means? It simply means although you are facing what looks like the most unsolvable problem, the grace and power of God within you makes it possible to undo any problems. Tell me what is impossible for God? Are you not made in the image of God? All you need to do is realize this ability within you.

Just remember, all solutions to your problems is already there in front of you. What you have to do is to raise your awareness and become aware of the solutions. Use your commonsense to find what is the most appropriate solution now instead of waiting for the sky to come down.

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