What Is Meditation

What Is Meditation

I started practicing meditation at the age of sixteen. I used to sit still in a corner of my room, close my eyes and look into the darkness between the eyebrows and try to meditate. Everyday I would repeat that process. Is that the kind of meditation everyone else is doing? Over the years, my understanding of meditation have grown and changed.

What is meditation? From my experience and point of view, meditation is a state or level or awareness which you enter inwardly within yourself. It is the state in which you become aware of the substance that manifest and maintains all life (God’s love). At this level of awareness, you will have the power to know everything. Mark that last sentence, I said, ‘you will have the power to know everything’. I didn’t say ‘you will know everything’.

So many people out there say they meditate, but do they? What I see is that everyone is practicing to meditate not really meditating. They are trying to enter the meditative state. Just because we close our eyes and able to still our mind from thinking thoughts, it doesn’t mean we are in meditation. It’s possible, some may have slipped into that state, but rarely does it happens. It’s a different level of existence altogether.

I find it amusing, how people always say, “I just went into meditation” or “oh, I was meditating just now,”. What they don’t understand is, during real meditation, you are in actual contact with God Power. If all the people who claim to be doing meditation are really meditating, why are they still seeking God or be the way they are? It proves, their meditation is not really a meditation.

What they’ve been doing is relaxing the mind, and entering into a little higher level of wavelengths commonly known as the alpha level (brainwave). This level can be easily achieved during deep relaxation. Just buy CD on relaxation and listen to the music or instructions, and you will enter that alpha state. Meditation goes way beyond Theta level.

Often, those claiming to meditate loose their consciousness or awareness, and enter into a deep state of relaxation and looking at their own thoughts swinging around. Some get carried away in this thoughts and travel into the inner worlds of their imagination. After sometime, they wake up naturally, and they feel they have gone somewhere and come back. Some remember some things they saw. Some experiences as if they just woke up from sleep and dream. All these are real experiences but they are not the real meditative state.

During meditation, we have full consciousness of who we are and where we are. We will never forget ourself. What happens is that we condition our body and mind into deep sleep level, the delta level. Think of it this way, you are having a deep sleep, but you are not sleeping. That is the level we want to enter. There are currently a lot of products being sold out there to achieve this level such as using the binaural beats etc.

It doesn’t matter what approach you are using. All we want is to enter this state consciously and have full awareness and if you are serious about meditation, I suggest you take a personal research on brainwaves and sleep. In meditation, we are conscious at the level Delta wavelengths.

Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work. – Thich Nhat Hanh

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  1. “During meditation, we have full consciousness of who we are and where we are.” Great point although it can have funny translations. I have a friend, a sales manager, who claims he meditates with his staff on their sales results every Friday. What he really meant is for the group to discuss, study and understand where they are as far as achieving sales targets. Their ‘meditation’ session is sometimes accompanied by tense arguments, swearing and negative feelings. I just thought its interesting how he used the term ‘meditate’ to make a staff bashing session look philosophical.

  2. I have heard about people claiming to meditate such as you have mentioned. Frankly, they have misunderstood the term meditation. A lot of people think, meditation is a state of deep thinking. Usually, what sales people or marketing people does is enter into deep relaxation and do reflections. They use imagination to gain some sort of understanding or solution to the problem that they are reflecting upon. It’s a creative way, but for me that is not meditation. Real meditation is about being conscious of who we truly are.

    In the real meditative state, we are aware of who we are (soul) and where are(space). This state of awareness, is beyond imagination. One need to experience it to grasp the meaning of it. Otherwise, this is what will happen, people make hypothesis or create concepts, and practice it. If you look around you, what controls people’s behavior is the idea or concepts they carry within themselves. When you enter this expanded state of consciousness, you loose all the concepts and theories and you just come to know reality for what it is as it is.

    You know, even if you just had a glimpse of the truth, you will be a changed person. We find, those who knows truth, are capable of sacrificing their life to the benefit of humanity and loving life to such an extend, that it just makes us wonder in awe. I am not saying, those who have had the glimpse of the truth won’t get angry, but we can rarely see it. Even if it happens, seldom we find them swearing, arguing, or cursing or whatever negative stuffs. Usually they let go and let God.

  3. Kathiroly

    I highly recommend “The Way of The Heart” by Henri Nouwen. He goes into depth about Solitude and Prayer.


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