The Meaning, The Purpose And The Interpretation Of Dreams

The Meaning, The Purpose And The Interpretation Of Dreams

What Is The Meaning And Purpose Of Dreams

Everyone dreams whether they believe it or not. Some people remember their dreams while some people don’t remember their dreams. If you believe you don’t dream, well, actually you do dream every night, you just don’t remember your dreams. What are dreams anyway? When a person is asked this question about dream, often we hear them answer that dreams are just memories of one’s activities done during the day that carries into sleep and appearing as dreams during sleep.

Dreams are more than just memories of what happened during our daily life. In truth, dreams are real experiences of the soul in the inner world. That is the real meaning of dream. It means, every recollection of memories we get about our dreams when we wake up are the inner experiences you went through during sleep. Inner experiences means the experiences you gain within the multidimensional spiritual planes of existence.

You are soul and dreams are soul’s way of telling or offering spiritual guidance to you the outer person who lives in this physical world. That is the purpose of dreams. The proper way to look at dream then is to think of it as an adviser who shows you what your real problems are and offer solutions. If dreams are soul’s way of offering spiritual guidance, what about those funny, silly or weird dreams? Are all dreams soul’s way of speaking to us? Yes, all dreams are soul’s communication to our outer self including the weird and funny or silly dreams we have. In fact, these dreams are very important dreams. They carry with them deep and important messages from soul.

Why Do We Have Weird Dreams Or Silly Dreams

Weird dreams, funny dreams, silly dreams or nightmare dreams no matter how pathetic they may appear are soul’s way of overcoming the minds resistance to the soul’s guidance. The nature of mind is such that it judges, resist and reject informations that it cannot handle. Soul intervenes and overcomes this by arranging the dream to be weird, funny or silly in order for the mind to say, ‘hey, this doesn’t mean anything, I’ll just pass this, I can handle this’.

Apart from these types of dreams, sometimes we may also feel upon waking up from dreams as if we have traveled to a distant and faraway places. They too are experiences of soul. Soul travels in the inner worlds, sometimes to the higher spiritual planes if it is necessary for the outer self to realize an important truth or gain some kind of spiritual wisdom. When we wake up from sleep and the dream, we recall them as memories.

Many times we reject this places we have been and seen in dreams thinking they are just some imaginations or funny activities of the mind or brain. These unknown places we visit during sleep are real places as real as this physical universe. We need to understand that there are many planes of existences. There are other souls living in these places. Sometimes we meet them and interact with them. Some of those monsters you see in your dreams, they do exist somewhere in the inner worlds.

How To Remember Your Dreams

Why can’t some people remember their dreams? Usually it is because they are habitually used to waking up without remembering what happened during the sleep and another reason why people cannot remember their dream is because they have never given thought about the possibility of the existence of the inner worlds or dream worlds.

However, there are ways for you to remember your dreams and once you begin to remember your dreams, you can also begin interpretation your dreams. I’ll like to introduce you a spiritual exercise that can help you to remember your dreams. It’s called singing the HU. Listen here on how to sing the HU. This is a very powerful mantra that can uplift you spiritually. To know more about what is HU and how it can do to enrich your life, you can visit here and read about it.

Sing the HU in a long drawn out manner… for a few minutes as you are lying down on your bed. After that mentally say to yourself, in a very relaxed manner ‘I will remember my dream when I wake up. I will remember all those inner experiences that I have during this sleep when I wake up’ and after that sing the HU again for a few more minutes. You can than just relax and repeat the word HU mentally and fall asleep as usual.

Keep a notebook beside your bed. It will make it easier to write down whatever you remember about your dreams immediately. The notebook is your dream journal. The mind is so accustomed to forgetting what’s happening in the inner world. So you need to practice. Write down anything you can remember about your dreams no matter how silly it may appear. If you feel a certain way in your dream, write the feeling down. If you saw certain symbols in your dream, write the symbol down. If you saw a character, write how he or she appeared in whatever way you can. Don’t worry about interpretation now, just write down first.

How To Interpret Your Dreams

After you are able to remember your dreams you can begin to read and look into your dreams and see what your dreams are telling you. I want you to understand clearly one important point now. The best interpretor for your dream is YOU. Other people can only give their point of view but only you know what’s really going on in your life out here. This is true because the dream pertains to you and you know better how you feel and think more than anyone else.

Once you finished reading the dream you have written down, put the dream journal aside and think about how you felt in the dream. Did you wrote down how you felt? If you have written down how you felt too, you can easily know the feeling you had in your dreams. Did you felt anger, fear, courages, sad or anxious in the dream? How did you felt? Any feeling you felt can be an indicator of what the dream is trying to tell you. The feelings in your dream may have meanings of what’s going on in your life.

Now close your eyes, and take a deep breath, relax and start singing the word HU for a few minutes. Still remember the HU exercise? Yes, that’s the way to do it. Sing it like how you sung to remember your dreams. Slowly, gently, stop and relax for awhile. Repeat this process three times and let go. Now ask yourself inwardly to as your eyes are closed, ‘what is dream trying to tell me?’. Think about the dream and your daily life forever awhile.

You may get the answer to your dreams immediately or sometime later during the day while doing something or maybe in a couple of days. Do be discouraged if you feel you are not getting any direction as to what the dream means. Keep practicing and become aware of little things in life. The answer can pop out of anything. You will know. It takes practice. Once you begin to see the interrelation between the dreams and your outer life, you will find ways to deal with any of your problems in life.

In A Nutshell

Dreams are very important messages from our inner self (soul) to our outer self (this person or character we are now). By learning to remember dreams, we can learn these messages from soul and find solutions to our problems both materially and spiritually. There are ways to remember dreams. We can simply recall our dreams by practicing a simple spiritual exercise such as singing the mantra HU. It takes a genuine interest and practice to remember our dreams and understand our dreams. We are the best interpretor of our dreams.


If you are interested in understanding more about your dreams and how to interpret them, I suggest you this wonderful book The Art Of Spiritual Dreaming by Sri Harold Klemp. Check it out. Good luck and sweet dreams to you.

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  1. Yes, thanks to you for taking the time to read Ashbiee and sweet dream for you. Yeap, try the HU. It’s a wonderful. If you persist to practice the spiritual exercise daily, you will definitely begin to remember your dreams 🙂

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