The Difficulties In Life Are Blessings

The Difficulties In Life Are Blessings

We all go through difficulties in life. Some of us go through the pain of these difficulties in life to such an extreme that we tend to believe this that there cannot be any more hell greater than this.

The truth of the matter is we tend to regard problems or difficulties in life as such because we fail to recognize that they are actually blessings in disguise. Every experience we go through in life is a gift because it provides us with the opportunity to learn and improve ourselves.

These problems or the difficulties in life that we go through also provide us with the opportunity to give ourselves selflessly. It is an opportunity to be kind and graceful for the divine blessings in our life. Look at some people around you. Look at what you are gifted with but they don’t have. Now be grateful that you are blessed with it.

This doesn’t mean they are either wrong doers or bad people. Each one of us receives the blessings according to what we are to receive. Your gifts in life are meant exactly for you because you have earned it, but be grateful for it. That is humility.

There are many ways we can prove to ourselves that what we are going through is a gift to learn and do service.

In your own case for example, say, you are working for someone and you are not happy about your job or working condition. Isn’t what you feel is a signal showing what you really want? See that the condition is actually leading you to realize what you want.

Now that is a gift. A gift that shows you need a change and it is entirely up to you if you want to make that change and move on to the next level in your life. So often, we are so used to our comfort zone that we fear or resist change. That is the exact reason why conflict persists through our life.

You probably already know that your fear is the one thing that is holding you back from having the condition you want in your life. Get rid of your fear and start doing something which can lead you to the kind of life you want to live.

Each condition in our life are reached through continues decision makings. It is the decisions we make in life that puts us to we are and what we experience in life. So in the end it is all about making the right choices or decisions.

Whatever you are going through now is because you have chosen to experience it or chosen to be where you are now. It was your choice. Than again, isn’t life is about learning? Thus, your mistakes are learning opportunities.

Learn from the past mistakes and take that next step boldly. Treat life as an adventure and you will never be bothered with problems. You will go on living as a survivor. That’s how life should be lived. Live it fully with adventure and grace in heart for what you have.

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