Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow, Start Living Today

Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow, Start Living Today

I had a dream last night. In the dream I was outside somewhere waiting for someone. I was waiting for someone who will never come. While waiting, I asked myself anxiously, ‘what am I doing?’ and than suddenly, I hear a voice speaking. It was as if I was speaking to myself, and yet it was someone else’s voice. It said, ‘If you wait for the sky to come down, it will never come’, and I woke up at that point.

Maybe you can relate to the truth of that phrase, but the dream not just reminded me not to wait to achieve the goal I want to achieve NOW, but also reminded me of a dream I had long time ago back in the year 2001. I still have the dream recorded in my dream journal. It happened on the 19th August 2001.

In that dream, I was in a room like place with my spiritual master. There were many others who were also there. I had a feeling there were about twelve of us excluding the master. In the dream, we were discussing about some spiritual matters about how soul travels.

While discussing about that, we saw an ice cream sales man passing us by. The master turned towards him and asked, ‘Who is going to buy me ice-cream?’ He pointed towards one of the student and said, ‘Ok, you’.

The student followed the master with a biscuit in his hand to give the ice cream sales man and buy an ice cream. When the man received the round biscuit which looked like deep golden color coin, he twisted it and looked at it. Meanwhile, the master went to the back of the ice cream cart. Than this ice cream man left quickly. He didn’t give us a chance to speak.

Than the master told us that he was suppose to tell him, ‘When he (we) die it would be too late’, but I saw the master leaving the book ‘How I learned Soul Travel‘ and some other documents which looks like brochures behind the ice cream man’s cart. The master face appeared as if sad.

I ended the dream with that last sentence because I couldn’t recall more. The point I am relating this dream and the dream I dreamt last night is to point out some important truths to you. First, we can and do get spiritual guidance from our dreams and learn to solve our immediate problems in life. Second, through the dream I am learning the value of not procrastinating what we are supposed to do in life.

Through the dream the master is reminding me that time really waits for no man. If you wait until you die it will be too late. Life is like that. When truth is given to us, so many of us take it for granted and waste our time instead of doing what is important. We procrastinate as if there is always time forgetting that future is only a probability. It may never come after tonight.

We all live by hope, but the truth is hope can never save us from reality and the reality is sooner or later, we all will have to face the reality of death. It’s coming, but one should not fear it. The question is however; why not spend our life doing something matters now instead of waiting for tomorrow? What’s worth doing and what isn’t? Why not live our life to the fullest today as if there will never be a tomorrow? Why not be the best we can ever be today as if there will never be tomorrow?

What is important for me as I see it from the dream is simply, I should learn to die daily so when the actual time comes for me to leave this world permanently, I will be prepared. Think about it. How many of us actually prepare to die? It does not mean you neglect your life. It only means, while doing all the important things in life, take the trouble to learn about the after life, and how you can prepare yourself here and now for the world hereafter.

If you wait until you die, it will be too late. If you wait for the sky to come down, it will never come. Don’t waste your time waiting for something that will never come. It’s time to reconsider your goals in life and do something that really matters in life.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow, Start Living Today

  1. I just take it one step further. Rather than waiting. I pursue my dreams in life, no matter how improbable it might be. The best things in life are always about living it.

    It doesn’t matter what your goals are, as long as you’re out there, you’re always getting into more than you bargained for.

  2. Hi Edrei,

    Thanks for dropping by. Very well said, “The best things about life are always about living it” and recognizing and learning the lessons that each life experience brings to us. 🙂

  3. Well said is true, but why don’t we challange to reach to the sky. Nothing is imposible. I am right?
    “Believe the Unbelievable, Dream the impossible and don’t take no for an answer”

  4. Thanks for your point of view. Well, that’s what everyone believes… believing that they can achieve the impossible. I wont say there is any wrong in thinking like that but…

    Think about this: when you approach the sky, the sky is always at its own place. The sky never comes to you but it is you who are rising towards the sky, for example, if you take a plane flying towards the sky, you are getting yourself near to the sky but did the sky came to you? Nope. You went to the sky instead. You made the sky come to you by making yourself going there. Likewise, there are certain things in life we cannot have by merely wishing for it but have to make yourself do something to have it.

    Yet, it also goes to what we want to have in life. People believe they can have everything they want in life. All the motivators or life coach will make you to believe this, but what they forget to tell you is that, even though the principle of achieving something by forcing can work, there are consequences or price which must be paid for. In life, nothing comes free. Everything must be earned. What price are you willing to pay for? Meaning, what sacrifice are you going to make to have what you want?

    In the case of a relationship for example. Let’s say you like someone who doesn’t like you, since you believe you can have anything you want to achieve, will you force her? Alright, assuming you believe you can achieve having her in your life by forcing, will you be willing to pay the consequences that comes along with it? It’s so easy to say, “I will do anything to achieve my goals, I believe in myself,” etc, but when it comes to face the challenges of our action, how many people are willing to face the reality that if they face a problem in their life, it is caused by their own self. It is mostly because they pursue the wrong goals.

    I am leading you to think that although we believe that we can achieve the impossible, we also must be prepared to pay the price. The price can be anything. Let’s go back to that example. Now assuming you force her and try your best to have her, what if the way she responds is hostile? Will you face it? What if it is going to affect your life for good? You see, what I am saying is simple, there is nothing wrong to have a good dream of achieving something, but is it going to be worthwhile? What good will it bring to yourself and others?

    Making wise choice of goals is important. Otherwise, we will end up creating problem for our own self and hurt ourselves.

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