Of Life

Of Life

…. Of Life
Does time hang around
you like the Mill stone upon
your neck or does it roll
effortlessly or is it flywheel
that drives all that you are. These are all statements not of time
but of Life.


The Stars are the same,
twinkling in the dark sky
The cold breeze threatening
to get colder as it is as this
time around. The crickets chirp just the
same. But all claim it is a new Year though.
All hoping for something to
go Bang. But time
rolls on quite and
relentless crushing life
under its weightless wheel,
An effective Mill will with ruthless Will.

No Trace

There is no Container Service
for those who depart but still
most have turned their Homes
into warehouses. How fortunate that
nothing can be taken even by the most
ambitious. If they could, by now they
would have weighed the heavens down
well below all that we know. As the years
roll on without leaving a trace of themselves.
Only humans desperately cling to their
memories and count and recount them
as years. Just to remind themselves that
they too lived.

Written By Sadhguru

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