Loved Ones Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Loved Ones Can Be Your Worst Enemy

People who love you can be the biggest obstacles from pursuing your dream. They want to protect you from failure, and not incidentally, protect themselves.

They will warn you that starting a small business is too risky. ‘Don’t you know that three out of four businesses fail?’ Or, ‘You can’t quit your job, what about your pension, what about our health insurance?’

Friends and colleagues do it too, but their words of caution often come from simple jealousy rather than concern for your well being. You are willing to put everything on the line to buck the status quo, but they aren’t. Inside, many of them wish that they had your nerve. At least you are willing to try, while they probably feel that they can’t even risk trying something new.

Socrates said that if you love someone, you help them do whatever they want to do not make them do what YOU want them to do. For all others, like neighbors or fellow citizens, your job is not necessarily to help them get what they want, just to stay out of their way as they pursue their goals. It would probably also be helpful not to play the doomsayer to their dreams, and instead, encourage them as much as possible.

I am not one to argue with Socrates, and I have come to learn the wisdom of his words. How better can we show our appreciation for loved ones than by supporting them as they strive for greater happiness and fulfillment in life? It sounds like a good living to me.

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