How To Realize Your True Potential

How To Realize Your True Potential

Why are people unhappy with themselves and their life? Perhaps they are being like that because they are unable to see clearly the causes behind their life conditions. Perhaps they are unable to accept themselves. Perhaps they have not realized their true potential. Do you find yourself in the same situation as these people?

Think about this for awhile; who is the cause of all these feeling you are going through?

In my own experience, I found, there cannot be anyone outside myself who can cause unhappiness in me. I have realized I am the cause of whatever I am experiencing. I realize this because I realize I am the one who is feeling whatever I am feeling and I am the one who choosing it. I realize that by choosing to look at myself differently I can always change how I feel towards myself. I am the cause of everything I am experiencing.

If I am unhappy it is because I have a wrong point of view. If my point of view is correct, I will know the cause of all my problems. Having correct point of view of why things are the way they are helps me rid my fears and unhappiness. How do we know if we are having correct point of view? You cannot as long as you are in the human state of consciousness but you can raise your level of consciousness and look at any situation from the eyes of soul.

Seeing from the eyes of soul? Yes. You are soul. You need to realize that despite the fact of being a human with many weaknesses, you are a divine creation of God with creative abilities. This realization is also known as self realization. Created just in the image of God, you are the replica of God Itself, having all the potential of God in you. This means you can solve all your problems. Knowing you are a soul with the ability of God, you will stop complaining about our conditions and will do everything to realize your true potential.

In order to realize that you are a soul, seek someone who can lift you out of your body and show you your true self. Call him a Guru if you want. Do you think it is impossible to find such a person? I can tell you from my experience that such great beings are still walking on earth. They are known as the ancient ones. They teach the science of soul travel. They teach this so you can move out of your body and realize your true self and potential. It is through the mercy of God that they are still here guiding every soul who is ready to listen to their teachings.

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