How To Improve Your Career Development

How To Improve Your Career Development

I am sure in your work experience you have met such people who comes in early to work and leaves late but at the end of the day, when its time for appraisal, some of them, either get low pay raise or none, or no promotion, not even bonus. This happens everywhere around the world. So much of hypocrisy and discrimination going around these days.

I were just talking to a friend from MySpace who faced similar problem. She has been working for a company for last seven years, and yet there were no promotion given to her despite all her hard work. Frankly, knowing her background, there shouldn’t be any complain from her side, because although, she works hard, she is a quiet person, she hardly mingle with her office mates. Had she kept up a good relationship at work or a network of friends from similar field of work, she could easily know her problem or even find another job; a better position in another company.

The thing is, she isn’t the type of person who enjoys socializing. She don’t even join her office friends when invited for happy hour on Fridays. I mean, if your working colleagues ask you out to a party of something, make it a point to go because you will never know who you will meet. Just why do you think, your big boss spend tons of money on entertainment for their clients? It’s because 1st, for customer satisfactions, 2nd they know, they can expect anything from their client by doing that. When you have a wide range of networks, you can have a wide access to different type of opportunities.

So the 1st advice I gave her was, asking her to socialize more. You see, some people tend to think socializing is wrong. It is wrong if you socialize with the wrong people and get yourself into problems. It’s nobody’s fault but your own because you never investigate the other person or groups background. It is not really hard to socialize with any kind of groups you are going out with. You just need to communicate with them. If you have the communication skill, it isn’t impossible to handle anyone.

I also told her, if she is unhappy with her current employment she could just resign. There are a lot of employment opportunities available out there. That’s hard for her because she fears not getting the same pay or even a job. I always wonder why people like to think inside the box. Having an open mind also means thinking out of the box. If you want something to happen in your life, you need to take charge and make that decision. Fear isn’t going to make any change, it’s only going to make you feel down until that change occurs.

I Just pointed out one question to her, which made her quiet. I asked her, if even this decision you are afraid to make, how are you going to make much riskier decisions if you are in a higher position? Think about it. The higher up the ladder you are in your career, you more decisions you have to make. Those who are in managerial or executive positions are constantly making decisions. Each rank comes with it certain requirement of you to take risk, responsibility and make decisions. If you are not doing it, you are not fit for such position.

On the other hand, there could be simple reasons why she isn’t moving up the ladder in the company she is working. All she had to do was meet her boss and ask him straight forward, why? There is a good chance of her knowing why and if she needs any further improvement in her skills. So many of us, likes to complain about our work to our family members and friends, but not to the boss. Why? Fear. Well, there is nothing to fear. Like I said, its all about communication. If you know how to talk, you can certainly put yourself in a better position for promotion.

I hope this can light up some of you who have been complaining about getting promotion or pay raise.

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. – Paul J. Meyer

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  1. Hi, I like the cartoon! Completely agree with your points and I’ve written an entry about it plus a few more ideas in my blog.

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