How To Find True Love

How To Find True Love

Just what is this thing we call love? Is there such a thing as true love? Is there a true lover in this world? Usually we relate love as a feeling of deep affection or devotion that comes to us towards someone when we are attracted to them. Sometimes it is said to be a feeling or desire to give whatever we have to that person we love something that creates wonderful happiness and at the same time something that causes pain too and if we refer to the scriptures, it says love is God.

In my life experience, true love is not the feeling that we get when we are attracted to someone. Love is more than that. I found that it is very hard to explain love. That is why there are so many people saying so many things about love. Words can never fully expose the truth about love. Love should be experienced and realized. Only than we can know it. Another thing I learned is that, until we find true love, we can never be fully happy. Happiness will always elude us.

Do you know that love has a face? When you see love, it appears as dazzling bluish white light. It has the qualities of selflessness, wise and full of power. It is a perpetually life sustaining and life giving radiation of boundless happiness, beyond the description of words. Love is absolute freedom. When you hear it speak, you will be automatically lifted to the highest heaven where you hear sweet heavenly music. While you experience it, suddenly you realize, you are the love itself. You are the light and you are the music of the heaven itself.

Those who have seen the face of love are those who have seen the face of God. Only a few have seen it fully. Yet, there a few who have gotten the glimpse of it. These are the people who knows what love is all about. They become the carrier of truth. They become the true lover of all life. They become saints eventually. It is their inevitable destiny. Yet, they are the outcasts of the world. No one can see them. Not because they are invisible but because our own inability to see them. How can we see them when we are obsessed with our own opinions of what love is or how it should be failing to realize that love is beyond opinions? Love, it exist in the realm beyond our imagination.

The heart which have experienced it, surely will become the Golden Heart and what is a golden heart? It is a heart filled with the love of God. I did not say a heart filled with love for God but I said a heart filled with the love of God. There’s a difference. Rarely can we find someone with such a heart. If you want to find someone who knows love; find someone with a golden heart. He is the only true lover. Saints they are. So if you ever wonder what is love, refer to the experts, they can show you. They still exist.

My life experience and research showed and proved to me, all the religious and spiritual scriptures of the world, have some amount of truth in it. Love has been explained greatly. Take sometime and learn it. You can find it if you are sincere. There isn’t a time in life that God is unaware of what’s going on within us. It’s just that because we are not aware that He is aware, we think he is unaware. In my experience, He knows. Seek sincerely and love will be shown to you. It takes real humility. Your first step in finding true love should be finding the true saint who knows it. This is what you should do if you really want to know love.

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