How To Be Successful

How To Be Successful

Perhaps at one time or other you may have said to yourself some thing like, “I don’t know why my life is like this” or “I wonder when my life will change” or “I wish I am rich” or even “I wish I can achieve what I want to achieve” etc.

People who thinks or talks like this actually desire a satisfying or fulfilling life by means of achieving something; be it through material success or spiritual success. There is nothing wrong to hope and wish for improvement.

However, what these people failed to realize is that in order to achieve anything or be successful in anything, there are certain criteria or condition which must be fulfilled first before getting what they want.

This law of fulfilling the condition required in getting something, works for almost anything you can think of, for example, what will you require if you want to enter a university to study and gain a degree?

Certainly, you either have to have a pre-university qualification or some type of life experiences which can give you exemption as an adult learner to study in the university. These requirements must be met if you want to qualify to enter the university.

Similarly, if this computer you are using to view this article about success, what does it takes for it to function properly? Close observation shows, there are many parts to a computer put together in a certain way which makes a computer function in the way it does.

These separate parts put together with a software which runs the parts is what it takes for the computer to operate the way it does. Otherwise you will not be viewing and reading this article now. What about the internet connection? So you see, there are many criteria which must be met before you can read this article.

That’s how it is with success. You have to fulfill certain conditions required of you if you want to have success. When someone asks, “do you have what it takes to be successful?” they were right in asking that question.

We need to sit down and carefully look at our own capacities, and think “Do I have what it takes to achieve what I want to achieve?” When we do this, we will realize our own strengths and weaknesses. After that, we look at the successful people and think if we have similar skills, knowledge and mental attitude like them.

Once we discover what we know and don’t know, we need to learn what we don’t know and develop the skills and mental attitude the successful people carry with them. This technique is like using the scanner copier machine.

When you scan something, doesn’t the result come out exactly the same? Similarly you just need to copy the qualities and systems of the successful people and apply it in your own life. It isn’t hard to be successful if you know the way, and it isn’t hard to know the way either. It’s about how much time are you willing to invest in developing your knowledge.

If you ask and observe why many people fail to achieve what the want, the answer is in time management. You will notice so many people are spending time in useless things in life and hoping to be successful.

Do you think if you spend time in wasted activities and you can get away with it and wish you can achieve your goals? So think carefully, do you have what it takes to be successful?

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day. – Jim Rohn

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