How To Be More Spiritual

How To Be More Spiritual

Most people will agree that being spiritual is a matter of choice that we can choose to be spiritual or not. This is true from an ordinary perspective. Yet, there is more to spirituality. The truth is, to be or not to be spiritual is not a matter of choice.

How can we choose or decide to be or not to be spiritual when we are all spiritual beings? The question on how to be spiritual arises due to lack of understanding of our own nature that we are all souls and we are already spiritual.

We don’t need to be spiritual any more than we already are. Like it or not you are soul. You are already spiritual. It is the lack of realization and experience into the nature of our own reality that creates all the sufferings and evils in this world.

If you would make some effort to realize that truth and bring it into your awareness through experiences, your life will be transformed. This is what all the mystics and great spiritual teachers of the world have been telling us.

Do not try to be something that you are not. Do not try to be spiritual but realize the spiritual essence in you. Realize who you are and the effort you put to have that realization is much more greater that anything else you do to be spiritual. If you set your goal towards realizing yourself as soul, everything else will fall into its rightful place.

How do you do it? It begins by first getting the correct letters of the truth. It means research. You need to research what have been said by great saints and mystics of the world on the nature of soul. Once you get some ideas about it, make the effort to find out the best available ways to realize yourself as soul. This will be the second step finding the techniques.

Third, you need to practice the techniques of self realization. Nothing is achieved overnight. Practice until you master the techniques and realize yourself. There you go, there are only three steps to self realization.

The most difficult part will be finding the correct technique and practicing it. If you are serious about realizing yourself as soul and realize your spiritual nature, I recommend you do some research in the science of soul traveling. It is the most easiest and fastest way to realize yourself and about the after life.

When you have done your research and found the techniques, practice it. If you practice anything for more than three thousand times, you will become proficient or an expert in it. Don’t give up. Practice for three thousand times, once a day, I guarantee you will realize your self as soul.

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