How Do We Know If Our Love Is Real

How Do We Know If Our Love Is Real

How do we know if our love is real and how do we decide who is worthy of our love?

In truth, no one has the final word on love. This is because the way one perceives love may not be the same as another. Everyone have their own point of views on love. Each one of us perceive love differently according to our own level of spiritual maturity.

Generally, people tend to regard love as a kind of feeling. If asked how do they know if they are in love, the answer will be as simple as, ‘well, when you are in love you know it’.

While it is true we will know love, there are few pointers that can help us decide if our love is real:

  1. You feel joy in your heart when you think of him
  2. You always want to make him happy and genuinely care for him
  3. You are able to share both his physical and emotional difficulties
  4. You love him for what he is and don’t try to change him
  5. You let him be as he is and never try to change him to who you want him to be
  6. You treat him like a treasure and not someone to be used

These pointers will help you to decide if your love is genuine and if that person you love gives does the same for you, than that soul is worthy of your love.

Love that soul with all of your heart.

Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing. – Torquato Tasso

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