Doing The Right Thing In Life

Doing The Right Thing In Life

Sometimes we all come to hear things we don’t like to hear. Maybe they are right and maybe they are wrong or do you feel you are right? Are you absolutely sure you are right?

There is no one perfectly right of course. What’s right for us may not be right for others and vice versa. It all depends to our point of views. There are certainly many ways to look at a same thing. What’s your angle?

If you do feel you are right about something in any case, ask, is it preventing you or anyone from growing spiritually? Most often, we look at material growth but life all life experiences are meant to bring us spiritual growth.

If you find any speech or act, preventing you or anyone else from growing spiritually, than it is wrong. Hardly can we find anything wrong though for even if something looks wrong eventually it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Life itself is growth. Like it or not all things persist to grow spiritually. We are here to grow. Don’t let anyone or anything to prevent you from growing. That includes you too. Don’t be a reason that prevents your own growth.

Let others have the right to choose and believe what they want to believe. If someone chooses to do something a certain way and you know it will harm his personal growth, tell him, but do it with love.

Put yourself in their shoe. Would you have someone speak to you with anger or love? Show them some love.

Yet, if they insist on doing what they want to do, just let them. As long as they are not trying to control you and preventing you from having your rights, just let them do whatever they want.

If that’s how they want to experience life and learn, so be it. We cannot force someone to change. People will change only when they are ready to change. It will happen when they have enough of life experience to make them see the truth and make them change.

However, there are people who have come to experience life so much and have realized truth to some extend but still not changing. This is because of fear but eventually the inner turmoil the experience will bring them to change.

So don’t try to change others even if you believe you are absolutely right. Let others grow and find their own way to love. They will find it eventually. They have to because life is about finding love (God).

Do you know that we are living life dangerously? It means anything can happen anytime. That is why life is said to be dangerous but so many people are busy looking after other people’s affairs. Don’t waste your time gossiping and picking on others. Let others be no matter how right you feel about something.

Life here is a probability. It is in a constant flux. It can end or it can change anytime. This minute you are full of joy but who knows, the next minute you might be on your deathbed. So think about what you are doing with your life.

What you are doing now is very important. It is what you do now that determines your future experiences. Do something now that is related to the experience you want in the future. Whether for material or spiritual, the principle works the same. You’ve got to do something relevant now.

I am interested in doing things that will enhance my survival now and in the future. What about you? Think and do the right thing.

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