Did Buddha Ask Us To Worship Him

Did Buddha Ask Us To Worship Him

I just came back from late dinner with some friends. One of them were commenting about what I wrote on choosing your own spiritual paths and we ended up discussing Buddhism. There are some things people still don’t understand about Buddha.

What did Gautama Buddha taught us all? Well, he taught us simple wisdom to free our self from sufferings through attaining nirvana and who was he? He was just an ordinary man like you and me who through his endless quest for ultimate truth attained what is now we know as nirvana and became a spiritual master of his time.

What we do need to understand is that he was an ordinary man who became a master and he taught us that we too can become a master if we can understand some basic principles of life which is making us to suffer and caught up in this limited life.

The question raised to me was, if he was an ordinary man, why are people around the world worshiping him? Did he ask us to worship him? Well if you go to Buddhist temples, you can see some Buddhist monks doing rituals and worshiping him in hope of getting enlightenment through him.

The truth of the matter is, he did not ask any one to worship him. In fact Gautama Buddha did not create what we now know as Buddhism. He was a spiritual master imparting spiritual wisdom on higher levels of consciousness.

What happened during the time soon after he left the world, the people (the followers who haven’t reach higher levels) at that time set down their own ideas and dogmas of what they taught he probably have taught. Well, thats okay because that’s all they could do at that level of understanding and it is okay too because it fits some group of people in their search for truth. So what have grown to become a religion now do has a role to play.

However, what I am emphasizing is that he only imparted spiritual wisdom and he did not create this religion. He probably have said somethings about what some are practicing through Buddhism now but the point is, there is no need to worship him. Why would anyone want to worship an ordinary man who attained sainthood instead of worshiping the real God? It is because they lack of spiritual understanding.

We should respect and learn the wisdom of his teachings, not worshiping him through rituals. Those who knows and have experienced truths can verify this. After a long seeking and journeys through the cycles of life, we all will drop all kind of religious or spiritual path. One will become a naked soul, free from all attachments to this world, including to his own body and face God face to face, one on one.

Yet, when one reach that level of facing God, there is a price to pay. Nothing comes free. Everything must be earned in a true coin. That includes meeting with God. What is that? Absolute inner surrender and undivided love for God. That’s what will take you to God.

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. – Mahatma Gandhi

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