Choosing Your Own Path To God

Choosing Your Own Path To God

Everyone have the right to choose a particular religious or spiritual path they want to follow. One just need to find that which he can agree upon and follow, and that is exactly why so many different approaches exist. Each exist to fit one’s level of consciousness accordingly. Each paths exist so everyone will have the opportunity to learn about God.

No church, religious or spiritual organization have the right to force an individual to follow their particular ways. When any individual or organization enforces force upon an individual it breaks the basic tenets of life; the respect for the personal space of an individual. This is a violation of the law of love itself; to let others be themselves and grow in their own ways.

If you are in a path but cannot follow its ways and feel forced to follow, you are certainly in the path not matching your level of acceptance. It means you have outgrown that path. If you persist staying in that particular path, you are creating limitation for your own personal growth and can cause yourself unwanted sufferings. You need to find a path that matches your current spiritual make up.

If you find yourself with someone who constantly argue his or her paths to God is the only path or truth, know that, that person have no truth. People who have realized truths, are those who are aware the purpose of different paths to God. They know just exactly where an individual fits in. They will not try in any way to force or get someone to follow what they are believing. They know such a thought equals to saying, ‘hey I am right you are wrong, so you should follow what I believe’. Which is vanity in action.

Love doesn’t force. Love lets others be and grow themselves through their own choices and if you can find yourself serving life with love, you are much more closer to God than those who spends time in religious arguments. Just because someone is very knowledgeable about religion or spirituality does not make him close to God, but love does.

The difference between someone who has God in his life and someone who don’t can be seen in the amount of love he can give others and to all life.Your intimacy to God is determined by how much you want to be with God, not by or through any particular religious or spiritual paths. They exist only as a tool.

If you are sincere, and if you have a great desire to know and your heart is filled with love for Truth, just like the man who is drowning in the ocean thriving for air, you will find God. Yet, instead of filling one’s self with such a thirst, people are battling over religious statements and creating chaos here and there.

It is always better to be free from all these religious or spiritual tyranny and just live our life to the fullest. If you are facing such a condition or situation in your life, I suggest you to just accept life for what it is but look within your own self for the truths. It is all inside of your own self. Instead of wondering which path to follow it is always better to follow the path of love.

What does the path of love tells you? Do just that and you will be closer to God than being in any religious or spiritual paths because in the end, what matters is your ability to accept yourself and love life which determines your entrance to the heavenly kingdom.

Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process. – Sai Baba

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