Choosing A Worthy Goal In Life

Choosing A Worthy Goal In Life

We can choose any kind of goals in life but the kind of goals we choose in life depends to how much we understand what life is all about.

If you have the belief that there is nothing much to life here except to survive, probably you will just have some goals which can enhance your survival here until the day comes for you to leave. Perhaps one of those goals is to be rich.

On the other hand perhaps you are wondering if there is more to life and perhaps you have a goal to discover if there is life after death, and so you seek here and there to find a meaning to life.

Whatever your goals in life, how do you know for sure that what you want to achieve is the correct goal to have in life? What makes you so sure that what you are pursuing to achieve is worthy pursuing anyway?

If we want to answer that question, we need to understand the way life is in this world. As human beings we don’t understand much about life, of course, but there is one truth about life which is undeniable.

That is change. Life here is about change. Everything here in this world is constantly changing from one form to another and within this grand scheme of changes, we too are constantly changing.

Nothing is staying the same forever in this world. Everything is decaying slowly. Likewise, this body we have, it too is decaying. Soon, the time will come for us too leave this world. This truth, no one can deny.

So ask yourself, if sooner or later, you have to leave this world, whatever you pursue to achieve, can you bring it along with you beyond your graveyard?

I am not suggesting you should neglect or forget your life and become a saint of some kind. I am suggesting you to step back and think for awhile on what matters in life.

Personally, from my experience and reflections, I have come to think that nothing matters in this life except to live it to the fullest for the purpose it was given to me. I came here to learn some lesson, and I do my best to learn whatever I can and prepare myself for my next life.

Many people don’t know this life is actually a blessing given to improve their self spiritually so that someday they will become a co-worker with God. Of course, this is from my own understanding of what life is all about. Yours may be different.

What are your goals in life? Are they going to help you cross the border known as death securely? Have you done something personally to make sure you die consciously or are you going to die just like any other ordinary man?

There are ways of course. There are ways for everything, good or bad. There are more to life than what one normally believes. Are you spending time trying to achieve something that will not last or are you looking for something deeper in life?

Frankly we have a choice to choose whatever goals in life, but are your goals worthy pursuing? Think about it. This article is only meant to provoke your thinking.

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