Advice On Finding Happiness

Advice On Finding Happiness

Someone asked me again today for a life advice on why we people are unhappy with their life. I have written ‘The Key To True Happiness‘ and ‘Happiness Is A Momentary Balance‘ about it. Anyway, it is true there are so many among us who are unhappy in life. If asked, why they are unhappy? Often, the answer given would be because we lack of something and if we could just have that one thing in life, we would be happy. It is true, whatever we are seeking to have can give us happiness, yet it is only temporary.

Yes, it is all temporal. What if suddenly the thing is taken away from us? Can we still be happy since we are depending on that particular thing for happiness? Quite frankly, nothing down here can give us permanent happiness because we would not know when we will loose them.

In oder to have a lasting happiness, we need to find something that would not leave us no matter what happens and the only thing I know of which can do just that, is God’s love. Yes, it is the only substance that is always with us, no matter what happens around us. When we know how to recognize this ever flowing life giving substance within us, we can find permanent happiness.

There is one thing we should know and that is ‘soul exist because God loves it’ and the very fact we are alive now despite the unhappiness, proves God’s existence. Nothing can exist without God’s will. As such, all things happens for a reason, and there is an absolutely good reason why one is unhappy.

Unhappiness is the result of dependency towards something that is unstable or always changes. In fact, why do we need to depend on something to give us happiness for happiness is already within us? Until one learns to cast away the habit of clinging to something for happiness one can never be truly happy. The key to happiness lies in finding the stable changeless factor within us.

If you want to find this stable factor within you which you can rely on all you have to do is recognize it and to do that, you need to have an open mind of all possibilities. Since God is all powerful and we are made in the image of God Itself, aren’t we suppose to have all this God capacity or qualities in us too? God is happiness and love, and if such, are we not love and happiness too? Yes, soul is like a the ray of sun. The sun is the source of the ray, they are different in their wavelength, yet, inherently they are of same substance.

A great saint by the name of Rebatzar Tarz once said, ‘Everything and everybody is love’. What this means is, since God is love and God is also everything and we are part of this everything, naturally we are It or love too. We just lack experience to prove this statement to ourself. Life often appear to be full of riddle. This is because we are lacking ability to see the cause of all things. When we can see the cause, we know the reason and the cause for all things is but soul itself.

Learning and discovering our oneness with God can give us true happiness. It takes a little bit of letting go of our preconceived idea or concepts about God and a heart filled with real thirst for God itself. The only thing blinding us from seeing the God within us is our own opinions. We are so attached to our belief system that we cant see the truth.

It is alright to have opinions, but don’t let the opinion rule you. Become free from it and have an open mind, because within this grand creation of God, anything is possible. Since all things are possible, why are you limiting yourself with your own limited self belief? God Is Here right Now in front of you, and you can see it, if you believe. Be flexible with your learning attitude. Be like a scientist, always check out new ways of looking at things. One day, you will see the proper way to see the truth within you.

Truth is really simple. It does not need a long explanation but the mind of men is always filled with doubts that needs elaborations and with too much information, it confuses itself. Life is really simple, because the thing that makes life possible itself is a simple thing and it is only Love. So keep yourself free from unwanted desires and worries, and you can see things clearly. In a nutshell, happiness is simple, it is in you, just get rid of dependency (you can have them but don’t be dependent to them) to stuffs (material things) and look for God.

Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values. – Ayn Rand

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