Accepting Life As It Is

Accepting Life As It Is

Accepting life as it is for what it is means being aware of what is life, what is really happening in life and accepting it happily without resentments. We will be able to do that if we can learn the cause of our problems in life.

First, before accepting life as it is, you need to know that there are things in life you cannot change. These are known as principles of life or the laws of life. Life operates by these laws. There are many laws in this physical universe that we need to know, one for example is the law of cause and effect.

Once these laws are understood, we will be clear about the cause of all our problems that they are the results of decisions and actions we have made in the past. The problems are actually the effects of that decision and action – the law of cause and effect at work.

Just ask yourself, what if you never made that choice or taken that action? I am sure things will be different now. Don’t you think so? Ok, maybe you had to make that choice at that point of time. That’s fine, you have made that choice, but you still have a choice to move out of your current conditions.

That’s the point I am getting across to you. Choices! You have a choice at any moment in your life. Even now while you are reading this, you have a choice. You can always choose stop reading now. If you understand how choices are affecting your life, you will stop complaining and start accepting life as it is for what it is. It is all in the use and misuse of our choices.

If you are wondering if you have chosen this birth, yes you have. Prior to entering the womb of your mother, you as a soul have made that choice. You are the soul made that choice to work out a karmic condition so that you can move on to your next level. To learn what is it that you need to learn and solve, look at the deep problems you are entangled with.

Your problems in life are your clue to moving on to the next level in your spiritual journey. Thus all problems are blessings in disguise. Knowing this you can begin accepting life as it is with grace in your heart. If you think life is unpredictable than you are wrong because God is so merciful that we are never without a clue to solve all the problems in our life.

How we look at things appear determines our ability to solve the problems. It is in our perception. Every moment in our life, God is constantly communicating with us, guiding and telling us what to do. It is our own inability to listen that makes us unable to get the guidance. When we are able to listen, accepting life as it is will be easier.

Know that we are all in the process of dying. This body will not last forever unless you know how to control the atomic structure of your body. If you realize in this life, you are not yet ready to do that, do not resist life. This does not means going with the flow and become the victim of circumstance. This does not mean surrendering to life. This means accepting life as it is for what it is and doing what really matters.

Again, it comes back to making the right choices in life. If in the end you will die anyway, what is the point of all these struggles? All your life experiences are leading you to realize this one truth – that nothing last forever in this world, that this is not life eternal. So life isn’t bad at all. Life is acting as a teacher teaching you a great wisdom. So begin accepting life as it is now and be grateful for having a chance to learn this wisdom.

It is now the time for you to decide how you are going to find that life eternal. ‘What can I do?’ That’s the question you should be asking yourself.

Life is beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I agree we have to accept life for what it is and I also agree that we have a choice to determine our life experiences.

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