Absenteeism In The Workplace

Absenteeism In The Workplace

Employees seldom cares about their absenteeism because it cost them nothing. The worst it can cost them is their job but for the employer or the organization the employee is attached with: it means problems or loss of money.
Every year many organizations are paying a high price for absenteeism. The major cost often comes from the fact that the organization that is facing high level of absenteeism have to quickly hire a replacement employee and train them. Quick replacement and training equals expenditure of money and time.

If your organization is facing a high level of absenteeism, it means there is something wrong with your organization. In order to reduce high level of absenteeism, as an employer, you should identify what is the cost of high level of absenteeism in your organization or company. This means identifying the organizational as well as individual factors influencing absenteeism.

When we talk about organizational factors influencing absenteeism, we mean the workplace and work satisfaction. Workplace involves the environment as well as the culture or practices practiced at workplace. These are often related to the conditions the employees experiences daily during their working hours.

The key question to ask is how satisfied is the employee in relation to their working environment? Physically is the condition of the work location or internal environment affects the high level of absenteeism? Does the employee find the workplace to be stimulating or boring? This directly relates to employees job satisfaction. Is the employee satisfied with the work conditions?

On the personal level, is the employee a healthy individual or someone who has health problem? How about the distance from the home of the employee to the work place? All these factors may contribute for absenteeism on the part of employees. These are the factors the employer have to look into and find solutions to resolve the problem of absenteeism in the organization. With correct problem analysis the employer can identify the real cause of employee absenteeism and find relevant solutions.

Relevant solutions often have to come in the form of job satisfaction for the employees. Although there can be personal problems on the part of employees that may cause absenteeism, we find through experience that absenteeism can be reduced by providing proper job satisfaction for the employees. Ultimately the employer is responsible in hiring and keeping a positive and job satisfied employee who does not have absenteeism problem.

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