You Can Choose To Be Happy Now

You Can Choose To Be Happy Now

Are you truly having happiness in your life? If you are given a chance to change something, is there anything you would want to change?

If that question is asked to me, I’d say, I am not very happy but spiritual understanding makes me to have gratitude for all the blessings I have received so far in my life and if there is something to change, that is changing my own thinking style and improve myself into much more a spiritual and loving individual.

What about you? Maybe you are happy or maybe you are not happy. Maybe there is something you want to change and improve. Whatever it is, there is something about happiness that most of us overlook.

My observation have shown me that happiness is not permanent. It is as if something determined by our thought process at any given time. If you are keen on observing life around you, probably you will agree with me.

Just observe someone for awhile and you can see how his or her thoughts is controlling her state of consciousness. You can observe someone to be very happy, thinking about all the wonderful things and thoughts and than suddenly change to moody or sadness. Usually if they hear bad news or get into argument with someone.

What really happened? They replaced the happy images (thoughts really appear in the form of images) in their mind with images that makes them sad. It is like watching a movie. You are taken from one scene to another and you react accordingly.

When there is happy scene you moods are lifted and when there is a sad scene, you feel sad and down. All the while your emotions are directed by the images you see on the screen.

It is true even in real life. People are in self forgotten state. Their time, space and circumstances are directing them and the are reacting accordingly.

So, it is the way we react to conditions around us that determines our happiness. We can actually choose to react the way we want because we are the director of our thoughts. In another word, we can choose to have the kind of thoughts we want.

If you want, you can always choose to think of happy thoughts. What makes us to fail often and react is habit. We are habitually conditioned to react in such a way if hearing bad news, or get into arguments. All we need realize is we have within us the power to choose.

That is exactly why so many motivators or life coach will tell you to decide and choose your own thinking. Whether you want to choose to be happy or choose to change your life, it is all up to you. Nobody can do it for you. That is why I always say, we are the arbitrator of our own fate.

I think that is the greatest power God has given us. The power to choose and live life the way we want it. Just think about it for awhile.

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness. – William E. Gladstone

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