Wisdom Of Life

Wisdom Of Life

Sometimes the mind tells us, ‘this is all that you know’, but is it true we have learned only that much thus far? Is that all we know? When we reflect on it, we may realize that in truth we know a lot of things, we are just not aware of it. Only when we become aware of it again, do we remember all those things we know.

We can realize this fact, for example, when we are reading a book. There might be a fact or principles written in the book that we have already known or learned before, but we only recall it when something written in the book triggers our memory. Have you experienced saying to yourself, ‘hey I know this’ while reading a book? What does it means? Simply, you knew it long before. You just forgot about it.

I have a belief that we, as soul, know all answers to life’s most important questions. How can it be otherwise? Think about all those thousands of past life you have taken before. Don’t you think you seen so many things before? We even have heavenly wisdom in us. Why not? We were created in heaven aren’t we? Unless, of course, if you don’t believe in heaven.

Why do I believe all these? I believe all these because I know through experience that I am a soul. I know I am a soul made exactly like God. Hence, the famous phrase ‘man is made in the image of God’. If we are made in the image of God, don’t you think we already have all the wisdom of God within us? Have you ever thought why Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you’?

I believe we have all the wisdom in us. What we need to do is discover all the wisdom already in us and make use of it for our survival in this world until that one day comes, when we are finally ready to return home to God again and live there, just as we were living there before taking the birth down to these lower worlds.

Although I am not a Christian, I accept what Jesus said, ‘seek ye the kingdom of heaven first and all things shall be added unto thee’. It really shows what should be man’s first priority in life. Argue as you may, but the truth is this, ‘what does it profits a man to gain possession of the whole world if in the end he shall loose his soul’?

So you see, instead of spending time struggling for something that is not going to last, why not look for something that doesn’t change? Something which is permanent and stable? Something you can rely on without fear and worry? What do you think matters most in life; money or wisdom?

Money matters for survival in this world, but wisdom, liberates you out of this world into heavenly world. Think about it carefully and you will realize that we need both of it while living in this world. This is a world of duality. Everything exist has an opposite to it. Finding balance and living a life full of wisdom is important, otherwise survival becomes a struggle. Seek to see that permanent factor within you, and you will learn to see all the wisdom of life.

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