Why People Commit Adultery

Why People Commit Adultery

There are many reasons why people commit adultery. Whatever the reason given to commit adultery, people who commit adultery can be termed irresponsible or immature.

People who know how to differentiate between what is right and wrong and who is responsible, will not commit adultery.

Whether you are lonely at home because your spouse spends less time with you or you have communication problem with your spouse, these problems should not be an excuse for adultery.

Even if you feel lack of love or affection from your spouse, or you may be having poor sexual relationship or intimacy, these problems should not be reasons for adultery too.

Those are the common reasons given but why they should not be reason for adultery? It is because all those reasons, if they do exist in your relationship, means something.

Whatever problems you are facing in your relationship exist for a reason. It means an opportunity to learn something. That is why they exist in the first place.

If you can think of your problems positively as such in your relationship, why would you even think of committing adultery? So there you go. People who commit adultery are those who cannot look at their own conditions positively.

On the other hand, sometimes, people do know what is right and wrong but still they go on committing adultery. These are those people who do not have self control. They are those who cannot control their lust.

So basically, there are two types of people who commit adultery; those who do not know how to look at their relationship problems positively and those who do not know how to control their lust.

Are you thinking of committing adultery or are you already committing adultery? Think of which type you are. Whatever the reasons you give, you will fall into any one of these two categories if not both.

If you want to have a successful relationship, there must be a purpose in the relationship. What is it that both you and your spouse want out of the relationship? Both of you need to work this out and work towards that purpose mutually.

This means both of you need to learn to communicate effectively about what both of you want and work out a mutual purpose. When you can communicate your problems and work out a solution, why would you want to commit adultery?

Think about it and go communicate with your spouse about anything. If you feel you cannot communicate well, learn to communicate well, or if you believe your spouse cannot communicate well, learn how you can help your spouse to communicate with you.

You see, in my own experience, I have learned an important lesson and that is, there is always a better and positive way out of anything. You don’t have to choose adultery.

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