Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why do people often ask, ‘why does god allow suffering’? If you are asking the same question too, let me ask you; will a God so full of mercy allow us to suffer? The God that let us suffer have to be merciless but knowing God is full of mercy, the question, ‘Why God let us suffer?’ is wrong and it is asked in such a way because of one’s lack of understanding of the real cause of sufferings.

I’ll use a scenario to explain. Imagine you are driving on a one Way Street, you needed to turn to your left, but you missed the turning and the u-turn is a few kilometers away. You notice there is no car behind you and you thought to yourself, ‘I can just turn back and quickly take that turning, after all there is no car behind me now’, but your commonsense tells you it is wrong because you are breaking the law but you started to turn anyway, suddenly there are few cars appearing from the distance, if your timing is wrong, you will get hit.

Suddenly you have fear because you cannot estimate your time. You need to quickly turn back to the right way, but you did it. Luckily you managed to turn back again and drive away. You feel relieved and you thought to yourself, ‘Well, I might as well just drive that few kilometers and take the u-turn instead of putting myself in danger’. Now you are using your commonsense. Thank God right? Now ask yourself, what caused you the danger and what saved you from the danger? Is it God or is it yourself?

The answer – It is you of course. Let’s get deeper. You created all the situations in life by using your own free will. All of our sufferings in life are created by the misuse of the free will given to us. Misusing free will means breaking a law knowingly or unknowingly. If you break a law, you know you will get into problem. It was a one way street and if you are driving the wrong way, whose fault is it? Will you blame God or yourself for taking the wrong way? You will not because you know you created it yourself. Thus the question, ‘why does god allow suffering’ is wrong.

When something goes wrong, we often ask ourselves, ‘what’s wrong’ and why do we ask that? We ask like that because we know there is something wrong. If there is nothing wrong, you will not ask the question in the first place. So we have to discover what’s going wrong. If there is something wrong than it has to be someone or something making a mistake somewhere somehow. Since the problem or suffering is with you, the wrong must be with you, knowing we are the cause of our suffering, the proper way of asking the question should be, ‘what wrong am I doing?’.

What is the wrong thing we are doing now that’s causing us the suffering we are going through? You’ve already got the answer. It is because we are breaking a law somewhere. What law are we breaking? We are breaking the law of life. So the mistake is in our lack of understanding of the laws of life work. What are these laws of life? Is there a way to learn it? Yes, you can learn these laws by understanding how life works and that’s exactly what we doing here in this world. We are learning the laws of life. It really begins once we start to our commonsense properly. Remember, we have the free will to choose how we want to feel or experience life. Our choices determine our life experiences.

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