Why Do Married Men Cheat

Why Do Married Men Cheat

Have you ever thought why do married men cheat? While it is true not all married men cheats but there are plenty of them out there who cheat even as I am writing this. There are good reasons as to why these married men cheats.

The most common reason why married men cheat is because they are not satisfied sexually. How true can this be? As a man myself, I can say that because sexual satisfaction is important for men, it is true.

If they are not satisfied they are sure to find other means to gain this satisfaction. If you are woman reading this, have you ever considered that your man might not be sexually satisfied? Men seldom hides their need for sex. It will be so obvious in their facial expressions.

If they want it from you, they will do all sorts of things to get it, but you being a wife, are you fulfilling his needs he way he wants it? Now think about that last sentence. ‘Are you satisfying his needs, the way he wants it?’. It is true, in a relationship, it is important to consider the needs of your partner.

It actually goes for both party. Although sex can be a choice, for men it is they seldom consider it as a choice, but rather as a must. So consider satisfying him they way he wants it, if you don’t want him to cheat on you.

Thus, because lack of sexual contact, the love you both had in the first place grows apart. Which is another reason why do married men cheat. What happened to the intimacy you both had in the beginning of the relationship? There must be a reason.

You have to be honest to yourself and figure this out. How do you treat your man?

Another reason if you are why do married men cheat is because lack of communication in their relationship. When men feel unloved, especially if you are not satisfying him they will try to find place where they feel better in talking out their thoughts and feelings.

All these can lead him to think that both of you in reality had nothing in common as you both thought in the first place. He loose faith in the relationship and suddenly you find him having an affair with someone else.

Don’t blame if your man if he is cheating on you, nor should you blame yourself. Whatever happened or is happening, think of it as learning experience. When your partner is cheating on you, what does it says? Simply, the relationship is just not worth it anymore.

Once you loose your trust, it is hard to gain it again. It’s just like trying to put back together a shattered mirror. You can try, you can glued it your best, but the crack will always remain. So it is with your heart. So why resist and try to hold on to something that wont work?

I admit, whatever I have said so far may not be true in your particular case. In this case, if you really want to know why your man cheated on you, just ask him. I am sure he will tell you. Don’t feel hurt. Just take it as a learning experience and move on with your life.

You might be married for years and have children, but if your husband is cheating on you, its time to think of your life and your children and just move on. So what’s next? I am not encouraging a divorce, but if that had to be done, than there’s nothing wrong with it.

We all have to find our own ways in life. That is why I always say, no matter who we are with, in the end, we are still alone. You came alone, and you will leave alone. All these relationship stuffs are just social requirements.

So who can you trust anyway? Yourself and God.

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