How To See God

How To See God

Someone asked me, ‘if you have found a true spiritual master who can take you out of your body to heaven and show you God, why haven’t he done it yet?’ Good question but when someone is asking this question, it means they have not understood the law of balance.

A true spiritual master can lift anyone out of their body into heaven and give God experience of course, but if you are not ready, the act will do more harm to you than any good. It is for this one of the reasons why many spiritual seekers, despite their struggle are not able to see God.

Think of seeing God as something like looking at the sun. Try looking at the sun directly for awhile during the noon time (don’t look too long). If you try it, you will experience temporary blindness.

Think of God as 10,000 suns put together as a single sun appearing at the same distant just like this sun above our earth. Do you think we will even be standing here now? We will be burnt to disappear.

Anyone can see God of course, but the question is; are you ready to see God? Even some souls who are highly developed spiritually have become mad after seeing God in Its entirety.

They are examples of what can go wrong if you attempt to see something before you are ready but of course you can force yourself to see God but when you force, there are price to pay.

Take for example a couple who are in financial difficulties and they want to create financial freedom. They force themselves to do whatever they can to achieve their goals. What happens is they are creating tension within themselves because they are forcing and struggling.

This tension and struggle will create other problems. For example, it can lead to miscommunication between them. One problem will lead to another. In the end it will be even more difficult to focus on the original goal.

What I am saying is it is important to find balance in whatever we are doing. Many people believe they can achieve anything by force but forcing something to happen will lead to conflicts and eventually failure.

It is important to take one step at a time.

Persistence and forcing is two different things. When you are persistent, you know what you want and you go towards that direction with balance and harmony but force ignores balance and harmony.

If you want to see God in your life, you need to find the balance and walk the middle path. No amount of forcing can bring God to your life but balanced life can. Well, how many of are truly balanced? Not many.

If you are a well balanced person, you will find happiness and freedom abundant in your life. If you are one of those struggling for happiness and freedom in life, it means there is something imbalance going on in your life.

True happiness and freedom can only be found in God. Find the balance within you and you will see God.

Of course there are more to this.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself. – Swami Vivekananda

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