Why Am I Here

Why Am I Here

Why am I here? If I remember correctly, I first asked this question when I was fourteen or something. Since then, life has led me to find the answer through some personal experiences.If you are asking yourself the question why am I here, the answer is, you are here in this world to learn a spiritual lesson.

You are here to work out all of your past life karma and discover your true identity. You are here to learn to receive and give God’s love. The answer can be that simple indeed. It is only our lack of understanding of what is really happening in life makes us believe in so many false answers to the question; why am I here?

You are a soul. You have lived many lives. This is just another life you have taken to learn valuable spiritual lessons. The truth of this answer is learned when are able to leave our body and go to the afterlife and see what’s really taking place there and how souls are administered to take birth here or anywhere else in the grand universes of God.

I have also learned that, when an answer is given to someone, it won’t be accepted without some kind of hard evidence to support it. Personally, I’d encourage the seeker to find the answer through some kind of personal life experiences.

If you are sincere to finding out why you are here in this world, seek out for a spiritual guide who can take you out of your body and take you to the afterlife and show you, what’s really happening to souls and why souls are sent down here to this world.

In this way, you will know, that karma and rebirths and the purpose of resolving this karmic conditions and to learn to receive and give God’s love will be proven to you beyond doubts.

How do you find the master who can assist you in achieving this goal? I personally know a living spiritual guide who can do this. You can find more information about the master here.

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