When No One Trust Our Truthfulness

When No One Trust Our Truthfulness

Have you ever experienced in your life where you are very truthful in everything you do and no matter what you do, those people whom you are truthful with just don’t trust you? I have. In fact, I have experienced such people many times.

Only they know why they don’t trust us but from my experience, I tend to think it’s either because they don’t trust themselves enough to trust us or they just don’t understand us. Maybe they don’t trust us or anyone easily because of a bad past experience in their life.

Life can be hard living with or among people who don’t trust us. This is even more true if the person who don’t trust us is the one we love dearly. It’s true but what can we do? We don’t blame anyone. We can’t force anyone to trust us. We just let them be.

Think of it this way – will you trust anyone easily? I am sure you wont. It takes time to build trust. Furthermore, the world around us is build up in such a way, we can no longer bring ourself to trust anyone. So it is true, we can’t really blame anyone.

Well, I am reminded of a saying from a great spiritual master now. I goes like this, ‘Trust no one but pretend that you trust them’. I think the master must have said this because people in this world are so full of themselves and we don’t know when they will turn their back on us.

Yet, there is one prevailing truth and that truth is, we know ourself better than others. As long as we are honest, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It’s really between us and God. God is our witness. We just carry on do our duties properly and leave the rest in God’s hand.

I believe, if as we continue to do our works and duties sincerely with love to everyone around us, including those who don’t trust us, eventually they will realize the truthfulness in us. It takes time, but I believe they will trust.

In fact, truth doesn’t need anyone to defend it. Truth has its own power. Truth can defend itself. Truth is God. If you have truthfulness in your heart, it means you have God in your heart. When you have God in your heart, do you need to prove anything to anyone or do you have to fear anyone? I don’t think so.

I have come to accept that it doesn’t matter what other people think of us. It is their right to have opinion as much as we have the right to have opinion about anyone or anything. Whats important is we don’t encroach into other people’s space and we don’t let others to encroach into our space.

I mean, we are responsible to maintain our freedom. Sometimes people misuse their rights and give us problem especially if they don’t trust us. In this case, we really have to defend our rights to be who we are. How do we do it? We use legal approach of course.

On the other hand, ask yourself, ‘Am I being truthful to myself and others?’ The answer should show you the level of your truthfulness. I have realized that no matter what, being truthful in everything we do, always, and I mean always, saves us from harm and problems. So, how truthful are you?

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