What Is Creativity?

What Is Creativity?

There are so many among us who wish to be creative and yet believe that it is a gift given only to a selected few. This type of thinking is based on lack of real understanding about what creativity is about.

Creativity means the activity of creating or an act of creating something. It is a skill we can develop through practice. The first requirement to be creative or create something is to realize and accept the fact that anything is possible in this world. This is proven by the very fact that we can imagine anything.

If you can imagine, you can create.

If we look at the manifested things around us, we will realize that all things manifested have come into existence first in the imagination or mind of someone in the form of thoughts which eventually have been formed into this world as a reality.

The truth is, both whatever that exist in the inner world (thought world) as well as what exist right now in front of our eyes are real. You cannot imagine something which is not there. If you can imagine something, that means it is already there. All you need to do is to find a way to bring it outside to this world.

Manifestation works inside out. Whatever manifested here is always manifested from the inner to the outer or in other words, from the thought worlds to the physical worlds.

The ability to imagine something freely without limitation determines the level we are able to express creativity. Some people call this thinking out of the box. The truth is there is nothing new in this world. All things we are seeing here have already been created in the imaginative world.

Creativeness is only realizing that portion of something which already existing in the imaginative world and bringing it outside to this world. The more you realize what is there in your imagination, the more you will be able to be creative.

Now, whatever have been said thus far is true if you are using your mind to be creative. True creativity is an act of creating something out of nothing. This means you are a creator of something. If you can create than you are being creative or you are involved in the activity of creating.

The only being that has the capacity to create is the human soul. You are a soul, a divine spark of God made exactly in the image of God. You are an exact replica of God Itself. Soul is a creative being. As such you have with you the ability to create something out of nothing.

That is why I said, all things in the imaginative world have already been created. Soul has already imagined whatever in the imaginative world. Soul is the thinker of thoughts, not the mind. In the human levels of consciousness, what we are doing is only recalling whatever soul has already imagined. We realize from this side what is already there and trying to manifest it out to this world, yet, if you can find a way to operate as who you truly are, the soul, you can create something, just like snapping your fingers.

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