What Is An Opportunity?

What Is An Opportunity?

What do you think of opportunity? I know it can mean different thing for different people, but what does it means personally to you? Do we create opportunity or do we wait for the opportunity to come to us? Some say we should create opportunities, while some others say we should wait.

In the case of creating opportunity, we have to have the right resources or a least enough of it; if not how can we create the opportunity? Resources in this context can be money or knowledge. On the other hand, if we wait for the opportunity, how certain can we be that it will arrive? It isn’t easy to predict if we don’t know the way. Waiting is like gambling and that is not a wise way of getting or achieving something.

What do we do in this case? Do we wait or do we create? It really depends on your perspectives. We can say life itself is a grand opportunity. It’s all in our mind on how we look at it. In a more general way, I’d say we should find opportunities if we ever want to change or improve our life both materially and spiritually. In order to find opportunities, we need to know how to identify the opportunities. Only if we can identify opportunities; we can recognize that such opportunities are available.

We begin by figuring out what we really want to achieve. Ask, ‘what can help me to achieve my goals?’ and think about the resources available to assist you achieve your goals. For an example, you may want to find a better job with a better salary. In this case, you might be looking for better job opportunities. If you are seeking better job opportunities, what resources can help you achieve it? An employment agency can be a useful resource to find the opportunity you are seeking.

To identify opportunities, identify resources. One also must remember, every opportunity brings along with it one or more risks. Once we identify our resources and how to use these resources to gain the opportunities we are seeking, we must also learn to recognize the risks in it. Weighing the consequences of taking such opportunities is also important because it can save us from a lot of troubles.

Whatever your point of view is, opportunities are available everywhere around us, it is up to us to recognize it and use it for our benefit. We must become aware of these opportunities by constantly asking and looking out for it. There are those who creates opportunities, there are those who wait for opportunities, and there are those who look out for opportunities. The category you want to be is entirely up to you. I’d rather look out and grab it.

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