What Causes Birth Defects?

What Causes Birth Defects?

Why are we born into a life full of problems, miseries with birth defects?

I know for sure that out of the 6 billion plus human beings there are many out there, some how in some way experiencing extreme pain for being born with some kind of birth defects.

You might be one of them and you might be wondering about the cause for all your problems and pain in life.

The greatest charity anyone can do is to be kind and help lift them out of the pain in a proper manner through making them understand why they are, the way they are with love.

So many times, we are quick to advice people about their sufferings or birth defects. Do we really know the actual cause of such hardship or pain or even birth defects?

We must be able to see what is really happening behind the scene.

Take the example of a newborn baby born with blindness. Why does this child have to be born such a way? What wrong could this child have done? When we see such things, many among us are quick to blame the parents.

Sometimes we say, it is because of the parent’s sin etc. Is it?

Why are we born the way we are born? Why some are born for the rich parents, while some born for poor. At the same time why some are born retarded and some born with without any disabilities?

The answer can be found by studying the past lives of these souls. Perhaps you believe you have lived before, perhaps you don’t, yet many of us who have experienced our own past life experiences, can verify the reality of it.

There are ways to see our own past life. If you are able to move out of your body, you can go to the other side and see what’s really happening to the souls before they take birth in this world.

You can also see your own past life records (akashic records) and prove to yourself that you have indeed lived many lifetimes.

The reason for such birth defects is in accordance to our past karmic debts. It is because of karma that we are born the way we are born. There is no one to be blamed. We as souls have chosen to be born in such a body in such a time, to such a family in order to work out our own karmic debts. That’s all.

Yet, when we are born, we forget that we are born to get rid of our karmic burden that is holding us from reaching our own self and God. It is because we have forgotten our purpose of this birth that we are going through sufferings.

When we realize that we are born the way we are born to work out certain karmic condition and learn valuable spiritual lessons, we will be able to accept this life with love instead of anger or hatred.

Thus, instead of complaining about all the misfortunes, we will go through it one step at a time, learning whatever we can and doing our best in life, until the day comes for us to leave again.

In the end, what counts is the condition of our heart. What I mean is how much are we able to accept and love life. It will determine the type birth we are going to take next.

Doing goodness is only a deed but to love unconditionally is something else. This is the purpose of life, to learn to love unconditionally just like God loves us.

Each birth is a preparation for us to ultimately meet a spiritual guide who in turn will take charge of our life until we reach Self realization, Spiritual Realization and God realization.

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