What Are You Contributing To Life

What Are You Contributing To Life

Everyday, in so many ways, we can see people getting irritated, angry or sulking over small little things in life that upsets them be it in family, workplace or simply while hanging out among friends. This is often more true when one is rushing for something and suddenly something goes wrong, specially in at workplace.

I often wonder why it is so easy for people to react in anger easily compared to reacting with love and patience. Habit? Perhaps it is. On the other hand, perhaps it is because one is not have a positive outlook. There are many things happening around us we need to become aware, and there are more things to do in life that anger should not matter.

We really need to ask ourself what we are contributing to ourself and life instead of why others are treating us like this or like that. Have you ever wondered that maybe the answer is in our own attitude? Maybe we just need a little clearer view of our own thinkings. We know, we can’t change people but we can change ourself.

There are people in this world who have done great things but are able to remain positive despite mistreatment from others. I can name a lot of people, but let’s look at this man from Massachusetts, United States if America. Have you heard the name Harvey Ball? Who is he? He is a graphic designer. He is neither rich nor famous but he should be and you know why? He is the creator of the ‘smiley face’, the round yellow head with two raisin-shaped eyes and a big grin.

The State Mutual Life Assurance Company commissioned him to draw an upbeat icon to boost the employee morale. The company paid him US45.00. They did not register the trademark of the symbol. Subsequent entrepreneurs made millions out of the upbeat icon. Is ball bitter about it? When asked, he said, “I made the whole world smile. Have a nice day.”

Wasn’t Ball happy that he made a substantial contribution to the world? Didn’t he remain positive even though he had not made substantial financial gain with his design? Did he get angry? There was no remorse or sulking. He decided to remain upbeat and happy about his contribution. So you see, how you treat what’s happening to you will determine how you experience your world.

There will always be someone or something which tries to make us upset or angry in life, but that’s really a test for us. It’s a test on our own ability to remain calm and positive. If you can manage positively every situation that makes you unhappy, you are indeed an upbeat and positive person. There is really no reason to be angry or upset about anything if you have correct viewpoints over things.

Ask yourself, are you contributing to life around you? Are you one of those vibrant, cheerful and adventurous soul? You can choose to be one now and make a difference in your own life. If you want to change others begin by changing your own self. Maybe, well.. just maybe, other’s will notice it and change themselves too.

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