We Are Responsible For Our Life Experiences

We Are Responsible For Our Life Experiences

I had a conversation on the phone with an old friend a while ago. While talking he touched on the topic of palm leaf readings by the Indian Rishis (sage), a script written on a kind of palm leaf and used to read and tell the past life of any one who wants to get the reading.

In the conversation he were telling me about how important it is for one to find out about their own past life and do whatever they can to solve the past life karma to make this life better and according to him, if we can do that palm leaf reading, we can solve it. He is very convinced we can change our destiny through it.

I agreed that we are here because of karma, and I also agreed on the part of solving our past karma to smoothen this life, but I disagreed about that it is the best way to solve our problems. Palm leaf reading is only one of the ways people are using to know their past life. I told him it was we who created the karma and because we created it, we can change it.

I said, I’d rather believe I can change my own life with my free will by deciding how I want to live this life. I gave him a direct example how we are being the creator of our experiences and circumstances. I simply told him that it was he who picked up the phone, dialed the number and pressed the call button to my phone and it was I who picked up my phone and pressed the answer button and answered the call. Simple enough?

What I am trying to say here is, it is we who are being responsible for all of our experiences in life. Imagine if you decided not to click the link pointing to this blog, you wont even be here. Your experiences will be different now. Had he decided not to call me although he thought of me, he would have experienced different things and what if I decided not to answer the call? I too will be experiencing different things.

We create our own experiences by the decisions we are taking moment to moment which determines the direction of our life. I hope this explains clearly that we are the creator of our own life circumstances. Even though many times we tend to believe we get into situation by chance, the truth is, we brought ourself to such situation.

If we have the awareness to know what’s going to happen beforehand, we can decide better and choose what we want to experience in life. Yet, its okay to experience life blindly because all those hard knocks we face in life due to the blindness, will eventually hit hard on our head that me should start finding out who we really are and how we can become conscious of our own true self – that’s what self realization is all about.

You can choose and create the type of life experiences you want through your decisions and actions. Think about it.

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