Understanding the Spiritual Path

Understanding the Spiritual Path

The deeper I go within myself and understand better this spiritual path, the more I am becoming silent. It is not because I have nothing to say, but because I understand everything is existing at its rightful place. People who go within themselves and understand why things are the way they are, will have less complains. In fact, sooner or later they will stop complaining and start living their life to their fullest potential or at least they will try to do so.

These selected few are those who have had the glimpsed of the truth. They are the shining one. They will live for one thing alone, and that is to serve God and will spread words of wisdom and love empowering people to discover their true self and the purpose they are born on earth. They are more interested in the things invisible. Things that cannot be known through the physical senses but through the inner senses. They know what true spiritual path is. They also know, it is a path of absolute self discipline. These shining stars are those who have discovered that there is only one true spiritual path and that is doing the rituals of the Divine Spirit. Hence, spirit ritual; spiritual. Certainly, Divine Spirit has its own ways. When you follow these ways of the Holy Spirit, than you are on the spiritual path. When I say spirit, I don’t mean by ghost, evil spirit or entities etc. Divine Spirit is the creative force that makes all life exist as It Is. Unless you are ready, you can’t imagine it. Usually this is the reason why those who knows the truth seldom talk about the spiritual path to anyone, because they know, not everyone can understand truth. Why did Jesus said, “Do not throw the pearl to the swine”? It is a waste to impart wisdom to those who are not ready. You cannot change someone who is not ready for a change no matter how hard you try.

Truth just cannot be forced to anyone. One have to experience life to such an extend that his or her belief is broken. What is left when there is no belief? You will be free from concepts. You will stand on the threshold of eternity facing truth face to face. That is the realization we need; to be free from opinions or concepts and see truth for what it is. Ask yourself, are you really a spiritual person? A spiritual person is a person who does the rituals of spirit. Let me repeat, spirit is the all knowing force or activity that makes all things move the way it moves and exist. Thus, being spiritual means doing the things that the spirit does. What do the spirit do? I preserves life. So when you do something with an act of love or kindness and preserve life, you are being spiritual. Spirituality can be looked at from many angle, it will still come back to the same truth because truth is one, and it cannot be divided and the truth is life exist because the great spirit loves it. When you realize this great love that makes all life possible, and live in it, with it, by it, and for it, you are being spiritual. Spirituality is not a matter of following a certain ideas or what somebody is telling your, but it is living live in spirit.

Yet, the fact is, most of us don’t understand what spirituality is all about because, we cloud our mind with so much of rubbish. What is that? Opinions and belief system inherited through experience life after life and yet that is alright because all of those will only lead you to the true realization of truth. It is inevitable. That’s the way of the spirit. It is only taking you back to itself. So while you are living here in this world, try to do your best in life and live it to the fullest possible. Cherish your life. Nothing is lost.

Spirituality is meant to take us beyond our tribal identity into a domain of awareness that is more universal. – Deepak Chopra

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