Too Much Money Is Bad

Too Much Money Is Bad

In a capitalist society this really sounds dumb. But I truly believe it. Remember one thing: anyone can do anything if they have a lot of money. The trick is to what you want you want with as little money as possible. The people who need a lot of money to do things are the weak people, not the strong people. The strong ones are those who do what they want on a little bit of money. And in a weak economy, it is always the strong that survive.

If you had a million dollars to start your own business it would be a snap, and it would also be bad. Why? Because you would teach yourself how to do business when times are good but not when times are bad. And sooner or later, times will always turn bad. If you don’t know how to handle bad times, you will go out of business. That is why during downturns in the economy, it is the weak businesses, the ones who don’t know how to operate lean and mean, that quickly close up shop. They only know how to operate with a lot of money. If you start your business with as little money as possible, you will learn, right from the beginning , how to operate in a lean and mean fashion. So, when the good times comes you will make a whole lot of money, and when the bad times inevitably occur you will be ready for them.

Not having a lot of money is also an excuse for not doing the things that we want to do. I hear it all the time. People saying, ‘I can’t go back to school because I don’t have enough money. Or I can’t change careers because I don’t have a lot of money.’ What we are doing in times like this is trying to solve all of our problems with money. But in our hearts, know that it is nonsense. We complain that they are always trying to solve the country’s problems by throwing money at those problems. We know you can’t solve a problem by throwing money at it, but it becomes a comfortable excuse for not changing our own lives.

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