Thinking Of Committing Suicide?

Thinking Of Committing Suicide?

Why do people feel like want to commit suicide? It is because of the extreme pain that they believe they can no longer tolerate.

Suicidal tendency comes to those who feel terrible hurt. The pain of the hurt can be because of getting cheated such as by the loved one, feeling pangs of loneliness due to the loss of loved one or it could be simply because of depression.

Whatever the case might be suicidal tendency is something wrong. It is wrong because it will never solve the problem we have. It is also wrong because it prevents us from successfully completing the purpose we are born to this world.

However, people who have suicidal thinking are not bad people. They are just lack love in their life. If we know someone having such thinking we should not make the condition worst by further injuring their soul. Instead we should love them and show them that they are very important for us.

When we are able to create the feelings of importance within them, they will feel they are loved. When they feel loved, they will become happy. So, the medicine to heal the heart of these souls is through filling their heart with happiness.

All the man made drug in this world can never truly heal the heart of a wounded soul. The only cure for the lonely heart is love. Do you honestly believe when you are sad and alone those pills given by the doctors, can really help you? You know the answer. So, it is love and love alone the magic healer. It’s heals us from all kind of disease and problems.

If you ever felt like you want to suicide, please fill yourself with love. Talk to someone. Get a professional help some how. Of course it is easy for someone to tell us what to do. Only those who have gone through what are we going through can really understand us.

You may not believe this, but I know, some where out there, some one needs you as much as you need someone to go through this testing times. Spend time with those less fortunate such as the homeless. Perhaps you can see, how lucky you are. Maybe you are homeless, well, think about those without food and dying in starvation in the 3rd world countries or war torn countries.

You are lucky. Don’t waste your life. Make the best out of it and live your life to the fullest. You can do better than now. .

Just believe in yourself and be patience. Everything will fall into its place.

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