The Power Of Creative Visualization

The Power Of Creative Visualization

f you learn to use creative visualization in your life, you can manifest wonderful things in your life. It is true creative visualization has great powers in it. There are literally thousands of people if not millions, from sales person to motivational trainers who will affirm to the power of creative visualization.

Creative visualization is about imagining what we want in life clearly in our mind and manifesting it in our life. If you are a non-believer and being, skeptical about the power of visualization, ask yourself, have you ever at one time or another in your life have said these statements, ‘I am unloved’, ‘I am always unlucky’, or ‘I’ll never have those things in life’, etc. ? That’s negative visualization.

At this point, you may argue that they are only words. What has words or statements like this have got to do with creative visualization? Alright, but what are words? Words are nothing but symbols representing images in our mind. When we constantly carry some words in our mind, we are constantly imprinting some images on our mind. These images will harden into reality.

When you think of something bad about yourself, what do you imagine in your mind? Those negative statements always brings out negative images or images that we don’t want to have in our life, but that’s what will manifest in life, because we keep it there in our mind – constantly. Creative visualization means, rearranging those negative images we carry in our mind with positive images or the images we want to manifest in life.

Anyone can use creative visualization techniques to bring out what they want in life. Arnold Schwarzenegger for example is one of those who have used creative visualization to manifest what they want in life. Have you read the story about how Arnold became the number one box office star in Hollywood? Back in 1976, nobody knew who he was. His first movie made with Jeff Bridges and Sally Field Stay Hungry was a box office disappointment.

When a sports columnist for Tucson Citizen at that time, interviewed and asked Arnold ‘Now that you have retired from body building, what are you going to do next?’, with a calm voice, Arnold simply replied, ‘I’m going to become the number-one box-office star in all of Hollywood’. Of course, anyone would have gotten amused with such a statement especially for someone with Austrian accent and a monstrous build.

When asked just how he was going to achieve it, Arnold replied, ‘It’s the same process I used in body building. What you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture as if it were already true’. Yes, it sounds ridiculously simple, but didn’t he become the number-one box office star in Hollywood with his second movie Terminator? In fact the movie became the most popular box office draw in the world. That’s the power of creative visualization.

I want to talk about the word creative a little at this point. If notice, Arnold did not say you wait to receive a vision but he said create a vision. The word creative actually means to create actively. Creativity on the other hand means the activity of creating. When we are talking about creative visualization, we are talking about the activity of creating a vision actively in our mind. These visions are those that we want to manifest in our life. It means to keep thinking of what we want instead of what we don’t want.

Creative visualization is directly related to the goals we want to achieve. The goals are the vision. We must want it so much that we won’t feel unmotivated no matter what happens. This vision must have the power to motivate us and wake us up everyday. It is the reason we are living for in life.

You can create the vision now instead of later. Think of something that you want in your life and start visualizing it creatively to the detail. Imagine it exactly how you want it and fuel it with your feelings. You must feel it real. If you persist, it will manifest.

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