The Importance Of Today In Our Life

The Importance Of Today In Our Life

Almost everyone has either one or more important days in life; for some, it may be their birthday, for some it may be their wedding day and for some other it may be when their first child was born. These are special days of course. However, have you ever thought how important and special is each and everyday we go through in life and do you know there are really no bad days in life? Do you realize the value of precious moments in life?

There is an exercise known as the ‘deathbed exercise’ which can help you to realize the value of each moment you have in life. To do the exercise, find a quiet time at home when no one is around. Go to your room and imagine yourself lying down on your deathbed and imagine clearly you are dying. Mentally visualize those people whom you want to say goodbye standing beside you. Speak to each one of them loudly, from your heart, and tell them all the things you have always wanted to tell them. If you do this exercise with intensity you can’t help but breaking down. Tears are sure to run down your cheek. You will cry and mourn for all the love you are loosing.

This exercise can make you see how much you have left out in your life. All those wonderful feelings you have for your parents or children, have you truly expressed them? Now do the exercise again but differently. This time imagine someone close to you lying on his or her deathbed. Perhaps you can imagine your dad. Imagine he is lying down motionless on his deathbed and not able to speak. Speak to him and ask all those things you have always wanted to know from him. Have you done that in your life?

Now ask yourself, what if suddenly all these becomes real. Can you see how much time you may have wasted not doing things you love to do? Imagine all the precious time you had in life to express yourself but never really made use of. If you can really see the value of this moment in your life, you will not take life for granted. You will not leave anything to chance. You will be clear of what is really important and will never leave anything undone. You will not procrastinate your life. You will realize that today is the greatest gift you can ever have in life for today you have the chance to do all the things you love to do.

Realize that tomorrow is only a probability that may never come. The reason why many of us take life for granted and short living it is because we think life never ends down here in this world. We plan to do great things in life someday believing that someday will come. We design and plan a goal for an imaginary future. You probably have heard so many people who have said, “someday I will do this”, or “someday I will do that”, but will that someday ever come? Even if that someday comes, imagine all those ‘today’s’ you have lost.

Ask yourself honestly, are you short living your life or living it to the fullest. You know the answer better than anyone else. Think about this: if you cannot live your life fully, what is the point? Remember, every moment in life is as precious as the goal you want to achieve in life. If not for this moment, you can never achieve your goals. Thank God for the gift of this moment you have in life.

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. – Carol Burnett

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