Thoughts On Life

Thoughts On Life

I often wonder how many people in this world realize that being alive and to have a life is the greatest gift we can ever have in this world. This statement is true no matter what is your condition. Even if you are living as a wreck, a disabled or whatever worst human condition you can think about. The reality is there is no such thing as good condition or bad condition. All these so called conditions are only differentiation of life experiences.

If you are feeling miserable about your life and unhappy always, that is because you have not realized the gift you are having now in your hand. Why do I say that to be alive and to have a life is a great gift in itself? One word answers it all – opportunity. Do you know what a great opportunity you are having now in this life? Today, this very moment in your life, you have the opportunity to be a co-worker with God in this life. Have you ever thought how great it is a gift to be an agent of God in this world?

No, I am not saying you have to be a savior of some kind. I am saying that, now this very moment in life, no matter what our condition in life; have a chance to show others the way to the Eternal and there is a good reason to do that. When you do that, you are not only helping and guiding a soul towards the direction of God in life; you are also creating good karma for your self. It is your good karma in life which is going to determine your place in life hereafter.

Yet, there arise a question – how can we show others the way to the Truth if we ourselves do not have the Truth? In other word, how can I lead and show others the way to God if I myself do not know the way to God? That is exactly why we are here in this world too. We are here in this world to learn that way through all these experiences in life. When we have enough of experiences, we will definitely find the true way and when we have found it, life will be filled with nothing but pure bliss for now we have God in our life.

Every moment you are breathing and being alive is a gift to discover the truth about yourself and your relationship with the Divine Being. That’s the greatest gift in life. Yes, you are now having a chance to discover how you relate to God. This precious time you have in your life, what are you doing with it? This very moment in life, God is nudging and speaking to you within you, are you listening? If you can’t hear, why can’t you? How can you hear if there are too much of noise in your mind about your external affairs?

Do you realize how you have trapped yourself with your own opinions of what is truth and what is not truth? Do you realize how you have taken into consideration of what other people have taught you as truth and have made them your own truth? Do you realize how your ‘belief’ is only a borrowed belief and not based on true realization of the divinity within you? If you want to hear the sweet voice of God within you, you need to take your mind off your external affairs long enough to witness what’s going on within you.

The subject is about attention. Where are you putting your attention, on God or on your problems? Too many people are caught of with their problems in life and forget their true purpose in life. The problem with solving problem is you can never completely solve problems. The more you solve problems, the more problems will come. Why not instead of solving this and that put your attention on God and do what is right and leave the rest to God? I mean, don’t let the problem control you to the extend it takes your mind away from what’s important in life, like remembering who you are and remembering God.

The function of mind is to query. It’s good. If you use your mind properly and ask the right question you will find the right answer. Ask, ‘how do I realize my divinity or how do I realize God?’ and search. You can search the Internet, you can search your local library, you can search through the millions of books published in the world, and if you search long enough you will find the answer. You will find the way. Have you even taken the step to look? Wake up and take that step now. This is the greatest time in your life. Make the best use of this gift in life.

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