Taking Medicines

Taking Medicines

Today’s market is flooded with many different kinds of medicines and man is constantly relying on them to cure ailments or alleviate symptoms of sickness. Medicines are perhaps the most widely used commercial product in the market today. They are no doubt beneficial in certain conditions but if not properly used, may cause harm. Hence, it is very important that we know to use them properly and safely, in order to gain the full benefit.

It is practical to treat minor ailments at home with medicines that can be bought without a doctor’s perceptions, but before attempting to self-medicate, it is advisable to find out more about your medical condition.

Your doctor may be the best person to consult regarding illnesses and injuries but the pharmacist can tell you all you need to know about medicines.

The doctor’s role in your treatment should never be underestimate since he is the authority regarding your problem. However, it is your to give the best treatment possible about the following:

> your personal history
> your medical history
> your body’s eccentricities, allergies, and other peculiar reactions to drugs, medicines, and other objects or substances.
> your present illness, the symptoms, the medicines you have taken to treat it, if any
> your previous illness and the medicines you have taken to taken them, if any.

The pharmacist plays an equally important role since he or she will be able to help you in purchasing the medicine. To aid his or her task in recommending a suitable medicine, it is best to give him the same information as that given to a doctor. A clear information of the problem would simplify treatment.

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