Taking Charge Of Your Life

Taking Charge Of Your Life

Have you ever asked yourself, what am I doing with my life, why am I not happy, why don’t I have contentment in anything, why is it everyday seems to be a boring day, am I doing the right thing in my life or am I short living my life? If you feel as if you are not living your life fully, constantly feeling unhappy, feeling lack of motivation, feeling uncertain about life, there are a ways to begin changing them to the way you want them to be.

Know that each one of us are creator of our own destiny. Meaning every life circumstances we experience comes to us through the daily decisions and actions we are making. Whether we will be a success or failure, happy or sad, it all depends to the decisions and actions we are continuously making. Thus, it is important for us to learn to manage ourself; the person who is the constant decision maker and action taker. Once you learn to manage your own self, you will be well on your way to achieve living a positive life: a life the way you want it.

Managing our self means taking charge of ourself. We manage our self by taking control of our thoughts and feelings; by thoughts I mean thinking and by feelings I mean emotional responses. If you want to begin designing and manifesting the lifestyle you want, you have to begin modifying your own thinking. If you want to feel happy and contented you have to begin identifying proper way to respond emotionally towards things that makes you unhappy or worried.

In order to do all that, you need to decide to change and change. If you decided to change but didn’t change, you will always be at the same place. It is easy for so many people to say that change will come naturally. Change will come naturally to everyone, indeed. That is the nature of life. In fact change is inevitable, but do we need to wait for change to occur? Don’t we have a choice to change ourself now? Experience is good, but do we have to waste the time we have going through all those experiences? If you have too, than you have too of course, but don’t we have a choice?

We have a choice because we are not going to sail through life as if life is an uncharted ocean. There have been many before us who have navigated through the sea before. We can always learn from them. We just need to know what others have done to improve themselves and apply it in our own life. Yet, how are we ever going to navigate through life if we don’t know or don’t have a destination? That’s problem you have to solve. You need to find out where you are in your life now, find out what you want to achieve or change in this life of yours, and find out what or how you can do it.

Sit down and think hard on what your really want… and do something about it. The key is in doing something. Thinking alone cannot solve your problems. You actually need to find out what to do and do it. So do something. Anything. Why anything? At least you are doing something. Each actions we take will eventually lead us to true understanding of what we really have to do in our own life. Not other people’s life.

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