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Spiritual Dreams

Spiritual Dreams

I had a dream last night. In the dream I was outside somewhere waiting for someone. I was waiting for someone who will never come. While waiting, I asked myself anxiously, “what am I doing?” and than suddenly, I hear a voice speaking. It was as if I was speaking to myself, and yet it was someone else’s voice. It said, “If you wait for the sky to come down, it will never come”, and I woke up at that point.

Maybe you can relate to the truth of that phrase, but the dream not just reminded me not to wait to achieve the goal I want to achieve NOW, but also reminded me of a dream I had long time ago back in the year 2001. I still have the dream recorded in my dream journal. It happened on the 19th August 2001.

In that dream, I was in a room like place with my spiritual master. There were many others who were also there. I had a feeling there were about twelve of us excluding the master. In the dream, we were discussing about some spiritual matters about how soul travels…

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