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Self Improvement Help

Self Improvement Help

This is the most important message you are ever going to hear in your life. You are not a weak person. Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t need self improvement but you need self recognition. You are a soul. You are a perfect creation of God. Being perfect being why do you need to improve yourself?

If you perceive yourself to be weak that is because you are not seeing yourself as soul. Imperfection exists only in the human state of consciousness not in the soul. Instead of putting your effort on improving your human weaknesses, why not put your attention on finding ways to fully function as a conscious soul?

Self improvement programs should be focused on educating individuals recognizing their divinity and showing them how to be conscious at soul level instead of the human level of consciousness. Sure, improving our physical, mental and emotional weakness does some good to us, but why waste time, why not go direct to the source of everything now?

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