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How Life Teaches Us

How Life Teaches Us

Life is a miracle. It is fascinating. It fascinates me not just because of its beauty but because of the divine opportunity it presents every moment. It fascinates me for all the ways life uses to teach and lead us to see and understand the truth of life itself.

Sometimes mysterious, sometimes humorous but many times life teaches us by putting us directly into experiencing something to show us one or more principles of life. It puts us into such experience for us to expand or broaden our wisdom about life.

Even in the minutest things we can see life speaking to us, forever teaching something. Last night, just after my shower, while wiping my body in my room, the water heater in the bathroom exploded suddenly. The explosion was so strong I could see the flash of the explosion in the room.

Why did the water heater exploded suddenly after serving me for the last five years? Just when I was thinking about why it could have exploded, the answer came – because it expired. Do you believe that anything can get expired in this world?

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