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First Aid For Poisoning

First Aid For Poisoning

First aid for poisoning differs according to the person’s state of consciousness and the type of poison taken. But in all cases, after aid has been given:

1. Take the person to Emergency Department of the nearest hospital. Put him in the recovery position in the back seat of the car.
2. Get someone to phone ahead to the hospital to inform that a poisoning is on the way. Also tell what/how much/how long ago the poison was taken, if possible.
3. Take all poison container/remaining poison along with you, so that it may identified and antidote found, if possible.

What you (the first aider) can do:
If the person is unconscious:
1. Do not give anything by mouth.
2. Do not induce vomiting, or he may inhale his own vomitus. If he vomits on his own, put him in the recovery position.

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