Staying Motivated In Life

Staying Motivated In Life

It is hard to keep yourself motivated if you don’t know the ways. You will probably be motivated for awhile and when something goes wrong, you get discouraged and you give up.

How do we stay motivated no matter what happens?

There are few things you can do, for example, you can try to remember your original purpose. Perhaps when you remember your goals you will be motivated again. If that doesn’t work, look for the things that can inspire you.

Think of something that can inspire you, a song perhaps. How about an inspirational book? I for example, whenever things go wrong or I am feeling down, will listen to the song YMCA by Village People. It always elevates me.

How about a movie? Yes, you can also watch a movie that can inspire you. Have you ever been to a movie and came out feeling very good about yourself and everything else in your life? Can you find a movie that can rejuvenate your sense of purpose and direction?

Those are just suggestions, but actually we always have a choice of what to do at any given time in our life. It all depends to how clearly we see why things are the way they are.

If it is people who are discouraging you, why not think of them as a test to your motivation?

If we are clear about what we really want, nothing should be able to distract or discourage us. Usually we get unmotivated easily because we don’t have enough inner strength.

It is about our will power. How strong are you to endure the test and carry on towards achieving your goal? You are stronger than you can possibly imagine. You have the power of God within you.

If you realize the power you have, you won’t be unmotivated easily. Do you know that you are a soul? If you have even had a tiny experience of it, you will be inspired for life.

It does not create vanity but love.

You’ll just love others and everything for the sake of who they are.

You’ll not be bothered with all the discouragements that come to you.

You’ll stay motivated and you’ll continue your life with focused attention towards that goal you want to achieve.

You’ll do this because you know who you are.

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